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Who designs Berlin: tom àdam

People from all over the world are attracted by the energy that Berlin generates. More than simply the German capital, Berlin is a special place for many creatives who visit the city and then decide to move and work here, making the city more diverse, colorful and -definitely – cooler. This time we want to introduce you another brand that contributes for the Berliner diversity: tom àdam

Everything started with a trip to Japan. While visiting a men’s clothing department store in Tokyo, Latvian born and Berlin based designer Tom Vitolins went to the underwear and swim shorts floor and got surprised: It was impossible to buy any sustainable item, without someone’s name and surname on the elastics. Plus, all the products were produced in Cambodia or Vietnam and had a massive logo on top of it.

Back to his hometown, Tom had the idea to create something minimalistic, made from the best materials available in the market, so you could pair your favorite jacket with a nice pair of underwear. He was doing graphic design at that time and always has been passionate about beautiful aesthetics and delicate design. tom àdam was, thus, born in 2015, with a raison d’être of creating men’s underwear and swim shorts that allow ethics and aesthetics to co-exist. The brand gives him the opportunity to express his creativity and freedom to make long-lasting products that he would feel comfortable to wear while having different activities in his daily life.

Influenced by the Japanese movement wabi-sabi, whose world view is centered in the acceptance of roughness evolving into natural beauty, minimalism also plays an important role in my creation process and immerses tom àdam’s design in a “stripped to its essentials” aesthetics. The silhouettes are therefore cleanly refined. They aim to find balance between natural textures and earthy colors, to make you love whatever you do and let you be yourself wherever you are.

The boxer shorts are sewn from premium Italian shirt fabrics, with a small twist from tailored trousers; the swim shorts, produced with recycled plastic found in the ocean and combined with Japanese snap buttons. Wearing them, you can take a dip in one of Berlin’s lakes and later attend a meeting that ends in an… aperitivo! 

The briefs are made from modal. The production of it requires 20 times less water than cotton, making it the ideal fabric for the underwear collection, as sustainability and ethics are in the core of tom àdam’s philosophy.

For the SS20 collection, we proudly introduce hand-knitted sweaters from Alpaca sourced in Peru, inspired by a pullover made by his mom. They are the perfect companion for an evening swim in late summer.

All of their garments are produced in Latvia in a small factory near his hometown, letting him work closely with the manufacturers and oversee every detail of production in person.

Tom Vitolins has been building the brand from ground-up while handling everything from the design of the clothes, visual identity and logistics, with the unconditional support from his dad for his ideas, helping him to create tom àdam the way it is now.

You can find more about their products on their website and on Instagram.

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