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Rainy days in Berlin – What to do?

As Berliners love to remind us that the weather in Berlin can be quite temperamental (even during summer). And I have to admit, they are not completely wrong. However, just because the weather might be crappy it does not mean you have to stay put. What to do in Berlin when it rains? I came up with a  shortlist of activities plus my personal recommendations for the best places to have fun while the weather figures itself out.

Tip: Do not. I repeat. Do not get into the weather-complaining mode. It can be a very unrewarding path. And not very attractive…Instead, focus on the fun possibilities. What to do in Berlin on rainy days does just that! Here are quite a few weather-proof ideas!

Our tips focus on places with easy and convenient public transportation access so you don’t have to get wet while trying to get to FUN! Check specific links for schedules and current shows.


Museums/Art Spaces/Galleries

Check out more museum ideas and tips HERE. If you are into smaller art spaces, click 9ICONIC MUSEUMS - TOP 9 big museums berlin


For Active (still fun) folks



For concert venues, click HERE or if you’d like to find additional classic/opera options click HERE.

Indoor Markets


Naturally, rainy days also call for great:

As you can see, there is absolutely no excuse not to have a great time! EVER!!



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