Room 4 Resistance x Teto Preto (Mamba Negra, Brazil) live concert

☻ INTERSECTIONAL & SEX POSITIVE QUEER RAVE ☻ W/ chill-out, rave, ambient & experimental floors, a darkroom for ALL women, trans, inter and non-binary, a darkroom for everyone, video installations, VJ performances, playground for experimentation & unicorn resistance… LIVE CONCERT / PERFORMANCE TETO PRETO (MAMBA NEGRA, Brazil)

Dimitri Hegemann, techno and the clubbing scene in Berlin

We dare say that Berlin and techno were made for each other. The many abandoned buildings left to rot after the fall of the Berlin Wall served as the perfect “raw material” for unique club venues where techno was the music to dance to. That’s why we were thrilled when our partner Telekom Electronic Beats invited us to collaborate, giving you

Mit Vergnügen Podcast Fest

Wir lieben Podcasts! Egal, ob als Inspiration, Wissenserweiterung, zum Einschlafen oder einfach als Unterhaltung beim Putzen, Joggen oder Einkaufen. Höchste Zeit also, dass wir dem Medium ein eigenes Fest widmen! Am 1. September startet das erste große Mit Vergnügen Podcast Fest. Mit dabei sind die fantastischen Podcaster von Gästeliste

Queeerdos III

QUEEERDOS III – Divination ☲☲ spoken word*live music with a twist 🜊 The time has come to announce our third post full moon adventure and challenge three of Berlin’s most queer queers to embrace the power of spoken word to radiate everlasting glamor in the safe space brought into being by Dan, Catalin and Michał. MIKEY. One word

Members – The Summer Closing

TOBI NEUMANN MADALBA MARC MIROIR HANDMADE HGR NEIN For the last boat edition this summer we are back from hosting an open air stage at Whole Festival with a very special line up: Headliner is Jack of all trades TOBI NEUMANN who is one of the driving forces of the electronic music scene as a producer and DJ alike since the 90’s already. He was

Kulturbrauerei Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg’s Culture Brewery

The question isn’t what can you do at the Kulturbrauerei, the question is what can’t you do at the Kulturbrauerei! This famous landmark, located in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood is steeped in history and bursting at the seams with things to keep you busy. By Kaspar Metz – Own work, Public Domain,
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