The Exhibition

The Exhibition ist ein gemeinsames Projekt von Fotograf Maximilian Mouson, Modedesigner Hannes Kettritz und VR-Produzent Tim Deussen. Bei dieser Ausstellung wird die neue Frühjahr/Sommer 2019 Kollektion von Hannes Kettritz vorgestellt, welche von Maximilian Mouson fotografiert wurde. Hinzukommt eine VR-Präsentation von Tim Deussen, welche die

David Zink Yi’s in collaboration with Angie Keefer – ‘Being the measure’

The David Zink Yi’s new exhibition ‘Being the measure’ in collaboration with Angie Keefer consists of a single performance, which will take place in the nave on the opening day, and an ongoing video installation in the chapel. ‘Being the measure’ brings together minimalist sculptural and musical forms based on Zink Yi’s

The Brutalist architecture in Berlin

After World War II, which laid waste to major areas of Germany – especially in its capital Berlin – architecture found fertile ground for the implementation of new concepts and techniques, and the use of new materials in attempts to predict the future. Architects, especially in the former West Germany, debated whether they should rebuild the

Berlin above 30 degrees: How to stay cool

This current summer has made even the biggest sandal hater start wearing open-toe footwear! It has been exceptionally hot and, besides that sweat trickling down our spine (icks!), all we want is to make the most of it!  However, when the temperatures skyrocket in Berlin, the heat becomes unbearable, and, unfortunately, just a few places are

Berlin Neighborhood Guide – Graefestrasse

Graefestrasse is definitely one of the coolest streets in Kreuzberg. In a south-westerly direction, from the Planufer, on Landwehrkanal, to one of the entrances of the Hasenheide park, the almost 1 Km length road is the address of a plethora of small shops, bars, cafés and restaurants. It also gives its name to the neighborhood Graefekiez,

The Landwehr Canal All Year Round

The Landwehr Canal is an iconic 10 kilometre-or-so stretch of water that cuts through the heart of Berlin. It flows through the Tiergarten, most of Kreuzberg, skirting Neukölln and finally re-joining the Spree in Friedrichshain. Every Berliner has a fond memory from this special canal, and its long, luxurious banks can be enjoyed all year round.
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