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Amazing Street Art walk around a stunning lake

By now you know that I love discovering street art and recommending my favorite spots to you. I have been coming to Lake Tegel to enjoy some street art murals for about a year now. And now I feel comfortable sharing this tip with you. Get ready for one of my favorites street art mural walks in Berlin. And it is totally off the beaten path.

This area is located on the northern part of the city, around Lake Tegel, one of my favorite lakes in Berlin. Amazing Street Art and stunning nature. All in one itinerary. Sounds fun or what?

There are two ways you can approach this walk. If you would like to start exploring the lake and then visit the street art murals, you should get off at Alt-Tegel (U6). Otherwise, if you would like to start with the street art murals and then go for the lake, you should get off at Borsigwerke station (also U6).

If you start at Borsigwerke, take a few minutes to explore the cool red brick industrial buildings along the way. I personally love the Borsigwerke red brick portal. From there, walk towards the street art mural area (see map below).

Stopping at Alt-Tegel will also provide an interesting experience. To get to the lake, you’ll have to walk through a small old town area. You will feel transported to a  small village in Brandenburg (except…you are in Berlin!).

Anyway, don’t get too side tracked. You are there for world class street art murals and the amazing lake. So, let’s talk about the street art murals first and a bit about the lake later on.

There are six street art murals in total (as of the time of this publication). The “One Wall One Mural” project is lead by Urban Nation, a non-profit organization that does a great job at offering opportunities and space to urban artists. I love what they do!

All murals are 13 storeys high (give or take). They surely achieved the goal of giving some interest to an otherwise uninteresting part of northern Berlin. Below you’ll find a brief description of each mural. Check out the map to find exactly where they are. Have fun!


street art mural walk
Australian artist’s Fintan Magee mural. Inspired by a children’s book by Michael Foreman. This wall showcases a couple separated by war. Harsh, but it lives a hopeful message with the baby representing the continuation of life.


street art mural walk
Mural by the twin Spanish brothers How and Nosm. Gaze at this “creature”. Notice “the eye of destiny” (triangle). Every time I come back I notice something new. So intricate and full of details.


street art mural walk
Mural by world famous London Police. Always upbeat and playful. I love the little robots being flown in by their signature smilies.


street art mural walk
Controversial Gonzalo Borondo’s mural. The neighborhood almost got this mural removed. Thank god they didn’t. Dark. Powerful. A girl covered in blood and a icy forest with a “Saint Sebastian-like” figure tied to the trees. Insane!


street art mural walk
Maybe the prettiest of the murals here. This one is a collaboration by Super A and Collin van der Sluijs. An amazingly detailed depiction of a blue feathered bird. Get close and spend some time getting your eyes adjusted to the details. Simply amazing!


street art mural walk
Pixel Pancho’s Mural. I simply adore this Italian street artist. The robot-like figures and the earthy tones are his signature. I particularly love the upside-down idea and the flowery back of the head.

For more street art murals, check out our Favorite murals in Berlin! Also, make sure to check out: Best street art in Berlin Wedding and  Street Art walk in Dircksenstrasse.

After your street art exploration, walk towards the lake front (about 3 minutes). Find a small grassy cove, bring a book or a few beers. You’re set. If you still have some energy, walk around the lake area. Maybe take a ferry and do some island hopping? Lake Tegel is the second largest lake in Berlin and has 7 islands!! You can also take the ferry down the Havel river from there…but that’s another itinerary all together…more on that in a future post.lake tegel

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