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Top Berlin travel websites

That’s right. We feel it is time for us to share our TOP BERLIN TRAVEL WEBSITES. Since we moved here, we have constantly consumed content published by these awesome folks. That has helped us in our initial explorations of the city. They have also inspired us to try and find out own point of view and voice. We continue to follow them, with a

Street Art Map – Top 12 Murals

Our STREET ART MAP focuses on our favourite graffiti-rich exploration areas: Revaler 99/Urban Spree area, Streets of Kreuzberg, Teufelsberg (Abandoned Spying Station), Dircksenstrasse in Mitte,  Factory 23 in Wedding and surrounding areas, Kunsthaus Tacheles, East Side Gallery and Urban Nation. If you happen to be around for more than a few

Tommi’s Burger Joint

We used to walk by Invalidenstrasse in Mitte and anxiously read the sign “Tommi’s Burger Joint – Coming soon”.  The moment we found out they were open (early summer 2014) we had to try it. We were particularly drawn to the history behind this burger joint. The founder (Tommi) apparently has traveled the world in a quest to

Patisserie Du Bohneur

Du Bohneur is a beautiful Patisserie located on Brunnenstrasse, a super pleasant area near Arkonaplatz (on the edge of Mitte and Prenzlauerberg). When we first moved to Berlin we had read about this place on one of the cool Berlin blogs and as it was close to where we were initially living we decided to give it a go. Not only was it a great find,

La Soupe Populaire

As someone once said “Berlin cannot resist a glamourous ruin”. And let me tell you, this is a super cool ruin (Bötzow Brauerei – old brewery complex). And no less than local chef superstar Tim Raue decided it was a great place for one of his restaurants. It is special how respectful they were to the original building. They use

Neue Heimat Street Food and event space

***NEUE HEIMAT IS CURRENTLY CLOSED***Stay tuned. NEUE HEIMAT is one of those hard to define super cool spaces. Located in a funky and edgy derelict area along Revaler Strasse (Friedrichshain) inside a few abandoned looking graffitied warehouses, this place captures the soul of what we like to think the new Berlin is. We absolutely love NEUE
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