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“Hidden hangs” Photo Street Art Project

“Hidden hangs” is a photographic street art intervention (@hidden.hangs on Instagram) – aims to create the opportunity for people to take a short break during their busy days, notice and enjoy particular corners and angles of Berlin. It’s a nudge, a slight provocation. I want people to stop for a minute or two to realize

Vernissage: Street Art / Inventory

With seven artists from the gallery’s program, Street Art / Inventory opens the season at OPEN WALLS Gallery. Levalet, ALIAS, Madame, SP38, Vermibus, Jordan Seiler and Thomas von Wittich all come from different backgrounds and have different expressions, but what they have in common is the devotion to urban interventions, as well as unique

Street Art Walk Along Dircksenstrasse

Street art is at the heart of Berlin street culture. You probably know that by now. Beyond our favorite amazing murals you can find around town, there are quite a few spots that offer the street art lover (or curious) the opportunity to explore and discover new street art media, formats and perspectives. Paste ups, poster art, sculptures,

Street Art Berlin Guide – Best 13 Murals

Street Art Berlin Guide by Awesome Berlin highlights the top and essential must-see-murals in the city. Read on to discover STREET ART BERLIN GUIDE  BEST 13 MURALS. Deciding what to see in Berlin is always hard. So much to see and explore. AND if you are into Street Art, that task can become a nightmare. So we decided to come up with a short

Street Art Map – Top 12 Murals

Our STREET ART MAP focuses on our favourite graffiti-rich exploration areas: Revaler 99/Urban Spree area, Streets of Kreuzberg, Teufelsberg (Abandoned Spying Station), Dircksenstrasse in Mitte,  Factory 23 in Wedding and surrounding areas, Kunsthaus Tacheles, East Side Gallery and Urban Nation. If you happen to be around for more than a few

Explore Urban Spree Street Art Gallery

When we first moved to Berlin (and being the urban art enthusiasts that we are), we were immediately drawn to Urban Spree. We had read about it and were very curious. However it wasn’t until we set foot here that we realized what an amazing space and surrounding area this was. Urban Spree Street Art Gallery is considered one of the
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