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Pet Shop Bears

Pet Shop Bears is a fun gay disco dance party/event that takes place at the Kantine next door to Berghain. Yes, next door to the Mother of all clubs. With that said, do not expect strict door policy, long lines, attitude and all that comes with the Berghain seal. This party feels almost like a neighborhood get together. Nothing like what goes on next door. It has gone on for a long time as somewhat of a Berliner institution. We hope it keeps going strong.

pet shop bears
Image from Pet Shop Bears Facebook Page

To get there take the subway to Ostbahnhof Station and walk about 15 minutes. Check out our maps for help. Once you get to the Berghain, walk around it. Do not get in line. That line is for the Berghain. If you get lost, do not worry. It can actually be fun. You may end up knocking  on the Lab doors (sex gay club). Anyway, ask if you need to. Look for the bungalow-like building (at least that was the impression we got) right next to it.

The venue is relatively small and cozy. It is also used for other events and parties.  Somewhat industrial-apocalyptical-looking but still put together. Just look at the paint pealing off the dance floor ceiling and you will know what we are talking about. There is also a patio/winter garden type space where folks get together pre-party and socialise. The party gets going a little later, so if you wanna catch the full house vibe, get there after 1:30 shop bears

The crowd could not be more laid back and non pretentious. Super light hearted and fun. Dance the night away. Often there are themes and costumes. However, go as you please. Like we said: “light hearted”. Wear your sweats and trainers if you will. In spite of the name, the crowd goes way beyond bears and bear lovers. It is surprisingly quite diverse (within the gay realm, of course). Enjoy!

What we like to do at Pet Shop Bears: DANCE!


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