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Night Kitchen: Mediterranean dining bar in Mitte

Dining with friends is part of Night Kitchen‘s DNA. Located at Heckmann-Höfe, just next to the new synagogue on Oranienburger Strasse, the dining bar has established itself since 2017 as a great location to enjoy contemporary Mediterranean cuisine with a great atmosphere to spend an evening with friends and family.

Photo: Kfir Harbi

When you step in the former horse stable, which was part of the old post office complex around the corner (that beautiful brick building on Tucholskystrasse), you realize that the owners have put a lot of effort into creating a very cosy and welcoming atmosphere. The open kitchen, paired with a chic bar and a great attention for interior design, makes you almost feel like a coming over to a friends place.

It’s not only the atmosphere that gets you into the spirit of “dinner with friends.” Night Kitchen offers a very special menu: for 38 euros you get a variety of plates to share that can be chosen accordingly to your taste. And for additional 16 euros, you can also have drinks along your dinner experience for 2.5 hours. Yes, you read it right! This could be your favorite place to spend your Friday evening. Night Kitchen’s goal is make you fully satisfied: they don’t want you to leave for a bar after having dinner. They really believe – and make it! – that the best evenings are those when you have a relaxed night out with good food and your loved ones.

Photo: Kfir Harbi

So what about the food? The options on the menu are fresh, simple and colorful. As every dish is meant to be shared, the classic course-scheme is pointless. If you prefer to start with light dishes, we highly recommend one of the vegetarian dishes, such as the incredibly refreshing tomato carpaccio topped with Kalamata olive powder and labneh or the spicy grilled artichoke with oregano. By the way, the artichoke with oregano was a real surprise, as the combination might be well known for pizza toppings, but it also works perfectly when covered in a fine white wine sauce.

The seafood and fish dishes caught our attention at Night Kitchen. The smoked tabbouleh, consisting out of perfectly cooked bulgur, smoked yogurt and big shrimps is the ultimate summer dish! The tataki raw fish is a real fusion experience, combining the key elements of a classical gazpacho with one of the finest Asian food preparation methods.


Among the slightly more heavy dishes options, we really enjoyed the slow-cooked short ribs. The sweetness of the meaty sauce, coating the perfect texture of the sous-vide cooked ribs, goes just perfectly with the spiciness of the cumin sour cream and the cauliflower salad. When the plate left our table, only a flawlessly clean bone was left on the plate!

The picanha beef with leaf salad, mini potatoes and fennel convinced us just as much as the sea bass with lemon butter and pappardelle. The latter, being a simple dish with a few key ingredients, highlights the fine taste of the fish by accompanying it with a refreshing sauce.

By the end of the evening, you should have already indulged in all the great cocktails Night Kitchen has to offer (don’t miss “the night kitsch”, with vermouth, sparkling wine and fresh herbs) and to please your tastebuds, you can still enjoy one of their variations of classic desserts, such as tiramisù (with blueberry rum and coffee crumble), panna cotta (with cardamom cream and halva sesame biscuit) or cheesecake (with tonka whipped cream!). 

We spent the whole evening drinking, eating and sharing great moments with friends and we were the last guests to leave the bar. Night Kitchen’s concept is absolutely approved! 

Night Kitchen

Oranienburger Str. 32, 10117 Berlin

Daily, from 5pm.

*This article was written by Max Tschöpe, after an invitation by Night Kitchen, and edited by Domingos Ruiz Lepores.


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