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MAYD: a new pharmacy delivery service in Berlin

Waiting in line in the cold – while having a cold! – doesn’t seem to be the wisest thing to do, right? Especially when you’re trying to buy medicines to fight that undesired cold!

It’s definitely not rare to find a big line in front of your local pharmacy here in Berlin. And worst nightmare: when you reach the counter, you find out that your very much needed pills are out of stock and will only be available the next day!

To help you avoid an useless pharmacy pilgrimage, a new pharmacy delivery service arrives in Berlin, right in time for the cold season.

With the app MAYD – Meds At Your Doorstep – you can have your medicines delivered home on e-bikes within 30 minutes – even after the closing time of your neighborhood pharmacy and also on Sundays! All of this stress-free, without delivery fee and minimum order value.

MAYD not only delivers medication, but also other pharmacy-related products. Think about cosmetics and body care items, food supplements, teas, hygiene articles and corona antigen rapid tests, a very needed product these days!

Starting in January, MAYD will also deliver prescription medicines, when the new digital German medicine prescription system will be – finally! – available throughout the country.

And since MAYD digitally connects households with local pharmacies, the app ensures that small neighborhood businesses are preserved, while the customers receive the best possible service.

MAYD simplifies the ordering and delivery of pharmacy goods, 365 days a year, including Sundays and public holidays, between 8 am and 12 pm. Appointment orders and a telephone consultation with a pharmacist are also possible! The payment is made in the app with your credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

For our Awesome Berlin readers, MAYD is offering 10 EUR discount for a minimum order value of 15 EUR with the code AWESOMEBERLIN10.

Don’t miss this chance and leave a comment below telling us about your ordering and delivering experience with MAYD.

Welcome to Berlin, MAYD!

*This post was graciously sponsored by MAYD.

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