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Awesome Berlin Complete Tips Map

Awesome Berlin Complete Tips Map contains all posts from in a very user-friendly and organised manner. If you happen to be in an area and would like to figure out what awesome places are near, then this map should be very helpful.

We are constantly revising this map to include new places to eat, drink, dance and have fun. There are also places like museums, art galleries and places of interest that we feel are awesome. Our Berlin Map contains the exact locations of the places we recommend. This map is automatically linked to Google Maps, so you can determine how close/far you are from where you would like to be.

Hover your cursor over the icon and the name of the venue will appear. Click on the icon and the actual address will appear.

[mapsmarker layer=”20″]


On the left hand side you will find:

 * + and – sign – this will cause the map to zoom in (+) or zoom out (-)

* Below the + and – you will find a square icon. If you click on it, that will cause the map to expand to the whole screen.

* Below that square icon, you will find another square icon with a “Round Target” in the center. Clicking on that icon will cause the map to look for your current location (you may be asked to authorise the map to access your geolocation). Once you accept it, a blue icon will appear on the map showing your exact location. This is a great feature as it lets you determine how far or close you are to where you would like to go. It will also 

**We are slowly adding more functionality to the map so please keep checking back as we make it even better.

Enjoy our Awesome Berlin Complete Tips Map !



Please give us your feedback via [email protected] should you encounter any problems or difficulties.

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