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Made in Berlin – a guide to Berlin’s design, products, brands and local shops

The “Berlin brand” is often associated with diversity, contra culture, rebellion, art and shabby coolness. We are very curious about how these concepts have inspired and nurtured the current local creative community.

Announcing our new Website section called Made in Berlin!

With the constant influx of creative minds and the homegrown talent, Berlin is sure to keep its place as one of the most exciting and unique producers of unusual and original style.

In the coming weeks and months we will populate this space with articles, videos and tips about Berlin’s design, products, brands and local shops.

OF BERLIN, an online and brick-and-mortar shop in Kreuzberg, will be our main partners in this journey. “Of Berlin” is a fair project that brings people together, supports local designers and manufacturers and generates sustainable benefits. A platform for selected products of Berlin.

We have just published our first tips article HERE.

Made in Berlin
Picture from Of Berlin’s Website (

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