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Lausebengel: Berliner “tapas” in Kreuzberg

It’s a fact: Nine out of ten Berliner restauranteurs would love to have a business in the beautiful Graefkiez. And the Kreuzberg’s neighborhood, an oasis between hectic Kottbuser Tor and buzzing Hermannplatz, has a new resident: the food bar Lausebengel.

Photo: Max Tschöpe 

The Speisekneipe is run by three friends, that go back to their roots by combining their love for the traditional Berliner cuisine with the passion for exciting craft beer. Going back to the roots is meant literally in this case, as the owner Janosch Thomsen was born and raised just around the corner. At the beautiful alley of Grimmstrasse, the boys have teamed up with Kristof Mulack, winner of the TV show “The Taste”, to reimagine an often underestimated dish, the Stulle, which is the German interpretation of a sandwich.

Photo: Max Tschöpe

Every Lausebengel Stulle is made in a tapas style, with a doughy sourdough bread. The baked staple comes from the Danish masters of The Bread Station, which will (scoop!) open a new shop next door. The right choice of the bread is crucial in the making of a Stulle, as it adds the perfect moistness, balancing savoriness as a ground tone for the toppings, that are a journey through Berlin’s most famous and traditional dishes. From potato salad with egg, topped with fried onions and homemade mustard, to Matjes with cucumber salad and pickled onions, every topping is a perfect combination of sweet, spicy and as savory notes.

Photo: Max Tschöpe
Photo: Max Tschöpe

All of the Stulle creations work just great with a pint of beer from the great selection they have on offer. Although a summer day invites you to sit outside and just embrace the beautiful vibe of Graefekiez, Lausebengel will also charm you with its interior. The owners managed to preserve the nostalgic atmosphere of the old establishment, adding just a modern twist. The result is a perfect mix of bar and restaurant creating a very cosy atmosphere.

And if you are around Graefekiez and want to explore this area, don’t miss our Graefestrasse guide!


Grimmstrasse 21 Kreuzberg

+49(0)151 18303905

*This article was written by Max Tschöpe, after an invitation by Lausebengel, and edited by Domingos Ruiz Lepores.


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