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Enuu: a new mobility service in Berlin

Why not take the best out of bikes, scooters and cars to create a brand new way to get around in the city? That’s what Ennu just brought to Berlin!

Launched two years ago in Biel and already operating in Zürich and Basel, the Swiss developed vehicle is now arriving in Germany, starting in its capital Berlin.

Enuu is the first micromobility service based on shared light electric vehicles with four wheels and a full bodywork. It provides people with a solution to move efficiently, comfortably and affordably within urban areas at no cost to the cities.

The idea of ​​integrated mobility also consists in reducing the space required by cars through both road infrastructure and parking spaces in urban areas. In this regard, Enuu is set to play an important role in the city space.

We can list the main advantages of Enuu (a blend of the words “efficient” and “new”):

  • You only need a moped driver’s license (category M);
  • The vehicles are protected from the elements;
  • Enuu has enough space for luggage and grocery bags;
  • It is propelled by an electric motor, using energy stored in rechargeable batteries;
  • Enuu is quieter, have no exhaust emissions, and lower emissions overall, compared to conventional vehicles,
  • The E-Pods take much less parking space!

How to get from A to B with Enuu?

1 – Download the app;

2 – Reserve a vehicle near you;

3 – Reach the vehicle and tap the button on the app to unlock the E-Pod;

4 – Release the handbrake and drive carefully to your desired destination;

5 – Park the vehicle in a suitable location,

6 – End the journey by pressing the button on the app.

Ennu E-Pods are already available in the districts of Mitte and Kreuzberg and will expand to other areas of Berlin in the upcoming weeks.

And the best for last: you can enjoy Enuu one hour free every day until June 8. Have fun and drive safe!

* This post has been graciously sponsored by Ennu.

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