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Discovering tomorrow’s food trends today with METRO at CHEFDAYS

Berlin has been renowned for the variety and avant-garde character of its food scene. Just think of the third wave coffee and vegan options that can be found in the German capital. And it keeps growing  every year.

So what better place to begin our discovery of the latest food trends than a culinary arts fair with masterclasses led by starred chefs from all over the world?

That’s why we were thrilled to get an invitation from our partner METRO to attend the CHEFDAYS in early October. METRO is a German wholesale company, specializing in food distribution, supplying bars, cafés, hotels and restaurants – as well as retail customers – in 25 countries.

And since our goal is to keep you updated on the best of what’s going on in our beloved city, we selected 5 food trends that you’ll certainly see überalles very soon. We hope so!

Know the path traveled by your food, from its production to your table:

With the label PRO TRACE, METRO is engaged in providing transparency for its costumers. This service enables you to get important information on meat and seafood, informing you of the products’ origins, as well as how they were processed.

You can simply download an app and scan the barcode of the product to learn more about the traceability, following the path of the chosen goods. First point for METRO!

Eating local:

At the METRO wholesale store in Friedrichshain, you can buy salads and herbs grown on site, thanks to the technology provided by INFARM.

Unique in wholesale in Germany, this initiative not only saves space with its vertical cultivation shelves, but it also reduces the carbon footprint, eliminating the need to transport goods from the production local to stores.

And more: thanks to hydroponics – growing in water rich in nutrients -, the veggies are produced without pesticides and are always fresh, with more intense flavor!

No artificial food coloring:

Game over for synthetic colors and their endless scary names! The pâtisserie and chocolaterie Blunck is introducing a fourth category of chocolate, in addition to traditional dark, milk and white chocolates. Ruby chocolate is made from the already existing varieties of cocoa beans and it’s created through a special selection process.

The natural red-pinkish treat has an intense fruity flavor with sour notes and trust me: they’re delicious and melt in your mouth!

Improving the startup food scene:

METRO is also helping start-ups improve their market! Entrepreneurs know how difficult it is to succeed these days, even when you have a brilliant idea. So this extraordinary initiative is more than welcome!

The “Next Generation Food” – NX FOOD program gives innovative food entrepreneurs the opportunity to sell their products for three months at the special start-up rack at selected METRO stores. The start-ups get trade experience and test their products. And if the three-month test phase is positive, their products can be listed and distributed in other stores.

At the “Start-up_Regal” corner in METRO’s Friedrichshain store, you’ll find, among many other items, Plumento, pasta made of… insects!

Reducing plastic waste:

Because recycling is not enough, we all know that the very least we can do to preserve our  environment is to reduce the amount of waste we create.

And what a great sustainable initiative is reusable glass drinking straws! In addition to being eco-friendly, Halm glass drinking straws improve the taste of your drinks and allow you to enjoy them with style.

We’re looking forward to seeing Berlin’s bars, cafés and restaurants serving homemade lemonade with glass drinking straws as the standard, and not the exception, very soon!

*This post has been graciously sponsored by METRO.

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