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Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers

The Third Wave Coffee scene in Berlin is leaving its infancy. The landscape is getting more and more competitive and interesting. Beautiful and soulful coffee bars open left and right. If you are going to open a new coffee shop it should be the way FATHER CARPENTER COFFEE BREWERS are doing it. Beautiful coffee, amazing setting and great service.Father Carpenter Coffee Bar

FATHER CARPENTER COFFEE BREWERS (F/C) is located in one of Berlin’s most beautiful  and stylish courtyards (recently renovated) along Münzstrasse and surrounded by trendy fashion shops and stores. Yes, it is a departure from the soulful and also beautiful hipster coffee bars from Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Neukölln. Having said that, Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers has succeeded in keeping  it cozy and soulful with warm design elements and materials. And come on, that courtyard out front is just sensational. Can you imagine enjoying it in the summer months?Father Carpenter Coffee Bar

As with every proper Third Wave Coffee, it is all about the coffee. And our flat white was perfect. The bright blue cups remind us of Concierge Coffee in Kreuzberg. They do give the coffee drinking experience a lift (we do think that). We also had a slice of carrot cake which was very good. The breakfast menu has been extended. So we will have to come back for more. From the pictures posted on social media it looks like we are going to like it! A lot!fc2

The service was friendly and attentive and they brought our coffee/cake to the table (we are not used to that anymore). Nice. With that location and setting  you are bound to hang out with the city’s fashion/style crowd. Relax and enjoy the pretty folk. They even chose to open their doors for the first time during Berlin Fashion Week…coincidence? You be the judge.fc3

What we ordered at FATHER CARPENTER COFFEE BREWERS: Flat White 


Address: Münzstrasse 21 Berlin (Hof.1 – which  means you have to walk into the courtyard to get here – fun).

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