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Delicious Coffee – Oslo Kaffebar

Oslo Kaffebar consistently makes amazing coffee. We found this delicious coffee bar by accident while wandering around the area close to the Berlin Wall Memorial.  In fact, it is located off a children playground right across from Nordbahnhof. The area (at the time of this publishing) was undergoing significant redevelopment. It could be kind of hard to find it. But since we did stumble upon it, we cannot stop going back for more.delicious coffee bar oslo

At Oslo coffee bar you order by milk/espresso ratio. Of course they will understand if you want your “flat white” or your “latte”. We think it is a simple and visual way to identify what you want. Good for you, Oslo guys! We are partial to the “flat white” concept. Therefore we usually go for the 1:1 option. There is a relatively limited pastry selection available. However, the ones we have tried so far have always been yummy.

delicious coffee bar oslo

The design of the place is obviously Scandinavian inspired. It has a distinct rustic feel. It feels super cozy. The atmosphere is super relaxing and casual. Given the somewhat hidden location, you are probably bound to have a truly local experience. Close and yet far from the herds of tourists that hover around Mitte (especially during summer months). Recently the owners have opened a super cool coffee/craft beer space called Kaschk. We love to go there as well.delicious coffee bar oslo

The staff is super friendly and casual. They often have some kind of  cool art exhibit hanging on the walls. The artwork is usually for sale. At the back of the shop they have quite an interesting selection of vinyl records. Make sure you spend sometime browsing through it.

When visiting this delicious coffee bar, explore the Berlin Wall Memorial Site around Bernauer Strasse.

What we like to order at this delicious coffee bar: 1:1 Espresso to Milk ratio


Address: Eichendorffstrasse 13 Berlin

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