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Best vintage and second hand apparel shops in Berlin

If you love exploring vintage and second hand shops everywhere, look no further, we have just the guide for you.

Very few places in the world rival Berlin when it comes to vintage and second hand shops. There are many of them spread all around the city. And they provide us all with the Berliner street style, known on the four corners of the world.

Some locals (think about the Neuköllner hipster cliché outfit) swear by their “historical”  and local wardrobe. A lot of people sport their unique style,  and only wear selected pieces sourced in one of the countless boutiques from Berlin.

In order to guide you, some of the vintage shops display their goods by decades, fabrics, colors or style, sparing your time – and your nostrils. Remember, some of them will indeed test your nostrils. You might even become an expert in distinguishing between decades just by mold scent.

If you like shopping the old-fashioned way (we do!), check out some of the best vintage and second hand shops in Berlin (and an interctive map down below). Otherwise you can go online and  shop at eBay Kleineanzeigen, the German virtual flea market.


This vintage-shop-chain is the mother of all the second hand retailers in the German capital. The international NGO is present in 12 locations in Berlin, receiving new merchandises every day. We recommend the shop in Friedrichshain, in front of Frankfurter Tor, which is the biggest second hand store in Europe. Pretty much a vintage department store!  The clothes are divided by gender and style and subdivided by colors all over the 4-storey building. This “paradise of years past” has also an East Germany section for the “Ostalgics” of the socialist fashion genre!Best vintage second hand shops Berlin

Paul’s Boutique

Named after the iconic Beastie Boys album, this shop has two addresses in Berlin: on Torstrasse, in Mitte, and on Oderbergerstrasse, in Prenzlauerberg. Their focus is on streetwear, so expect loads of sneakers and T-shirts. Don’t miss the denim corner at the Oderbergstrasse shop. It’s just fabulous!

Best vintage second hand shops Berlin
Photo from Pauls Boutique Website

Kauf dich glücklich

With four locations in Berlin, this shop/café offers mens and womenswear, selected design objects and home accessories. Note that the best bargains can be found on their outlet store in Wedding.

Best vintage second hand shops Berlin
Photo from Kauf dich Glucklich’s Website

Garments Vintage

A truly vintage shop, dedicated to womenswear, with locations in Mitte and in Prenzlauerberg. The Mitte shop, on Linienstrasse, has a wider selection of very stylish clothes. They also rent out some of their pieces, for 30% of the full sale price, which is a good option if you want to dress to impress.

Best vintage second hand shops Berlin
Photo from Garments’ Website

The Good Store

Following the same concept of Garments Vintage, and adding a tiny, but sharp men’s section, this shop in “Kreuzkölln” offers a finest jewelry selection, with steeper price points.

Best vintage second hand shops Berlin
Photo from The Good Store’s Website

Rag & Bone Man

In the heart of Neukölln, this “urban cabin” features a mix of beautiful flowers and exquisite apparel. They also offer interesting breakfast options, served at its very “Roamers inspired” café.

Photo from Rag Bone’s Facebook Page

Sing Blackbird

Another shop/café in Neukölln that offers a great range of vintage and second hand clothes. The prices are quite fair, considering the good quality of the pieces.

Best vintage second hand shops Berlin
Photo from Sing Blackbird’s Facebook Page

Das Neue Schwarz

In the middle of the trendy Mitte, on Mulackstrasse, this vintage shop is conceived for luxury and avant-garde brands lovers. Available not only in black, Balenciaga, Prada, Margiela, Comme des Garçons, Bernard Willhelm and many others, will be waiting for your generous and – hopefully – full wallet.

Best vintage second hand shops Berlin
Photo from Das Neue Schwarz’s Website

Dress Code

Hidden behind a discreet façade, in Bergmannkiez (West Kreuzberg), this shop displays a huge and carefully chosen selection of clothes, including local designers and well-known international garment makers.

Best vintage second hand shops Berlin
Photo from Dress Code’s Facebook Feed

Blank Vintage

At Blank Vintage you will have an old style shopping experience (no complains, we are talking about vintage shopping, after all!). Here you will have to dig in a bit to find a great deal.  They focus on 80’s and 90’s fashion. There’s also an occasional one euro Sale. Don’t forget to check their Facebook page for specific dates!

Best vintage second hand shops Berlin
Photo from Blank Vintage’s Facebook Page

Stand out option: Flea market at Mauerpark

A favorite Sunday stroll, the flea market at Mauerpark houses lots of stands full of second hand clothes, most of them held by private sellers. Shop here for an authentic garage sale style, where you can easily bid and get astonishing bargains! Tip: Get here early, before the crowds take over the whole market!mauerpark sundays


**This article was written by Domingos Lepores and edited by Tulio Edreira.

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