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Best veggie burger restaurants that meat lovers also love

When you’re looking for the perfect vegetarian burger, there’s nothing worse than checking out a place with tons of hype and recommendations, only to walk away disappointed. One of the best things about Berlin is that it’s got something for everyone – and when it comes to burgers, sometimes it’s all in the same place. Awesome Berlin has done the painstaking research for you – read on for the best vegetarian burger restaurants in Berlin (that will ALSO satisfy the meat lover within).

Best Halloumi Burger

It should be impossible to mess up fried cheese – but sadly, so many burger places in Berlin throw halloumi burgers on the menu as an afterthought, and most somehow end up cold, rubbery and crunchy all at the same time. Look no further, cheese lovers – Burgeramt nails the halloumi burger. The key is balance – smaller strips of fried cheese are balanced by the other toppings, so each bite is a perfect blend of flavors. That and the heaping servings of fries won’t leave you hungry  (a friend and I struggled to finish the “grosse” portion, so I don’t even know what to do with the thought of the “richtig grosse” size…).

best veggie burger restaurants in berlin
Picture by Olea Morris.

Best Tofu Burger

If you’ve been in Berlin long enough, you’ve probably played tour guide to out of town guests more often than you can count. Next time, throw Burgermeister into rotation – I still have Couchsurfing friends from all over Europe write me to rave about the beef patties here. But the real star is their tofu burger – After 10+ years of vegetarianism under my belt, I can never get my tofu this satisfyingly crunchy and crispy…and they manage to do it perfectly every time. Recently I read a review of Burgermeister explicitly saying “do not go for the tofu burger” – this is clearly a clever trick to keep the lines from getting longer. Locations at Kottbusser Tor and Schlesisches Tor make it a perfect stop after a graffiti tour or a lounge at Gorlitzer Park.

best veggie burger restaurants in berlin
Picture by our lovely friends from Berlin Food Stories.

Best Selection

Veggie patty? Halloumi? Spinach and Feta? …Breakfast Burger? Take your pick at Rosenburger – and that’s just the veggie menu. The Gorgonzola burger wins for cheesiest, funkiest burger that even hamburger purists will drool over. If you’re not so into cheese as a key ingredient (you might be in the minority there), go for the Spinach burger – so packed with veggies, it’s even green. Meat-eating friends still have their choice of chili cheese, fried eggs, bacon, and even pineapple as toppings. Go all in and order a side of the curly fries too – it’s something everyone can agree on.

best veggie burger restaurants in berlin
Picture from Rosenburger’s Facebook Feed.

And The Winner Is…

Though a little underwhelming in the size department, everything else about the burgers at Shiso Burger is an absolute win. The combination of sliced aubergine and pickled tofu gives their Veggie burger an amazing texture and a smoky flavour that almost tastes meaty without trying too hard. Though usually I’m no fan of Portobello as a patty, I have friends that swear by the Toad Burger – the texture is so right, it’s made me a believer. If that won’t do for meat eaters, they have their pick of other fusion styles, from Bulgogi to Salmon burgers – the Chili Lemon burger is always a crowd favourite. Skip the Wagyu beef upgrade for an extra charge – these burgers don’t need veggie burger restaurants in berlin


*Written by Olea Morris and Edited by Tulio Edreira.

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