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Best chocolate and sweet shops in Berlin

Caramels, fondants, bubblegums, marshmallows, toffees, lollipops… You don’t need to wait for Halloween and say “Trick or treat?” to enjoy the (guilty) pleasure of a sweet self-indulgence. All year round, Berlin offers great sweet and chocolate shops to help you knock down every sugar craving.

Our selection of best sweet and chocolate shops in Berlin is sure to keep that sweet tooth under control!

Best chocolate and sweet shops in Berlin1
Photo from Herr Nilsson Godis’ website.

Thanks to its kids’ affluence, Prenzlauer Berg gathers some of the nicest candy shops in Berlin. Herr Nilsson Godis offers Scandinavian sweets to please everyone. There are gelatin-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free and vegan options. Do it like the Vikings: in a self-service system, where all the varieties have the same price. Take a paper bag to create your own mix of candies and weigh it at the end of your sweet picking experience. PS: They also have a shop in Friedrichshain.

Best chocolate and sweet shops in Berlin
Photo from Zuckerberg’s Website.

Within walking distance from one another, Prenzlauerberg offers three more sweet shops. Zuckerberg is an American candy shop, with fruits, chocolate, licorice and even sugar-free (!) treats. On Schönhauser Allee (and on three more locations in Berlin), Bärenland is a German chain specialized in gummy bears. On Kopenhagener Strasse,Sugafari makes children (and some adults!) go crazy with their wide range of sweets from all over the world. In fact, this is the perfect shop to explore if you are craving that special sweet from back home…wherever that may be, this shop is your best bet at finding it!

Best chocolate and sweet shops in Berlin
Photo from Wald Königsberger Marzipan’s Website.

Marzipan lovers have their haven in Charlottenburg. For more than 100 years, the family-run business Wald Königsberger Marzipan keeps their handmade recipes in secrecy. Expect countless variations of Marzipanbrot (marzipan “bread”), Marzipankartoffel (marzipan balls) and their lovely Marzipanschweinchen, the pink marzipan pigs, which, according to the German tradition, are supposed to bring happiness and are normally consumed during New Year’s festivities.

Best chocolate and sweet shops in Berlin4
Photo from Süßramdealer’s Website.

Next to the S-Bahn station Bundesplatz, Sußkramdealer is a gem in the classy Friedenau neighborhood. Preserving the original oak and mahogany furnishings of a former cigar shop, the shop offers delicious pralines, chocolates and caramels, from world renowned classics as Caffarel, Dolfin and Venchi. They also sell chocolate bars from regional manufacturers like the Gmeiner Confiserie at the Café König in Baden-Baden, with exquisite flavors such as macadamia and fleur-de-sel or white chocolate and raspberry crisps.

Don’t miss the lovely giftshop nextdoor, with a nice selection of kitchenware and baking books, and the terrace, where you can have a cup of coffee and enjoy the charming Varziner Platz.

Erich Hamann is another deep dive in West Berlin. The shop, luckily not destroyed during the Second World War, remains the same since its opening in 1928. Located on the ground floor of a Bauhaus style building, where the products are also manufactured, their chocolate still follows the original recipes of its founder.

The focus is on dark and bitter varieties of chocolate, with little sugar added. Like the shop interiors, also in a Bauhaus style, the packaging design has remained unchanged since the 1920’s. The chocolate bark, their most famous product, is just amazing!

Berlin schöneberg
Photo from Winterfeld’s Website.

In a former pharmacy, Winterfeldt Schokoladen has a plethora of pralines, nougats, toffees and chocolate bars on their shelves and are able to heal every sugar need you may have! They offer French, Italian and the Berliner bitter master Erich Hamann varieties, as well vegan and gluten free cakes. Perfect for the wintertime, their hot chocolate is to die for!

We can not talk about sweets without mentioning the sweets-corner on the 6th floor of KaDeWe. Here you can find all sorts of American style candies, like jelly beans, chocolates from the most famous makers of the world and other worldwide renowned specialities, like Spanish torrone, Italian liquorice, French calissons and German marzipan.

Best Chocolate and sweet shops Berlin5
Photo from Rausch’s Website.

In Mitte, Rausch is a Berliner institution. Producing finest chocolates since 1918, the family-run business opened their chocolaterie at Gendarmenmarkt in 1999. The main attraction of the spacious shop are the chocolate sculptures of monuments, like the Brandenburger Tor. They offer a huge variety of pralines (the Sanddorn and orange one is perfect to warm you up on a cold winter day), chocolate bars and nuts, plus coffee beans covered in milk, dark or white chocolate. Upstairs, the café and chocolate restaurant, from where you can enjoy a nice view to Gendarmenmarkt, offers dishes prepared with different kinds of cocoa beans.

Bonbonmacherei, located on the charming Heckmann-Höfe, is a darling sweets manufacturer and shop. There you can watch how pure sugar turns into delicious sweets. Just the way they used to be produced 100 years ago!

La Cure Gourmande is a French sweets shop chain that sells all sort of biscuits, chocolates, fondants, nougats and marshmallows in old-style packagings. They are conveniently located around Alexanderplatz.

Berlin Neighborhood Guides - Graefestrasse
Kadó. Photo by Domingos Lepores

Liquorice fans find happiness at Kadó, a beautiful shop on Graefestrasse, in the Kreuzberg neighborhood. They have liquorice covered in chocolate, sugar coated, as rolls, filled, in black canes, pulverized… All products, from Iceland to Sicily, are displayed in eye-catching glass jars. One of our favorites, for sure! Another option for liquorice enthusiasts is Schwarzes Gold.  A fine shop that offers more than 250 varieties of the “black gold”. It’s enough to please your taste buds all year long!

*Article written by Domingos Lepores and edited by Tulio Edreira.

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