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Best carrot cake in Berlin – 2019

Carrot cake has become a dessert staple in nine out of ten cafés in Berlin. And this is not at all a complaint: we absolutely love carrot cake! The carrots mixed into the spiced, nutty batter, topped with white cream cheese frosting make it an all time favorite.

Though it’s not a German creation (it’s said to have originated in England during the Middle Ages, when sugar and sweeteners were expensive and often hard to find, so many people used carrots as a substitute), some of Berlin’s best cafés excel in the art of serving mouthwatering carrot cake.

So let’s get straight to the point and check out the best carrot cakes in Berlin!


Number one on the list deserves the title not only because of its beauty (the edible flowers and berries definitely make it the most photogenic!), but also because of the perfect balance of carrots, walnuts and spices in a moist batter. This piece of heaven is topped with a sweet and thick cream cheese icing that will make your tastebuds jump for joy!


This gorgeous two-layer soft and moist ginger carrot cake is created with a tangy batter (shoutout to the cardamom punch!) filled with carrots and nuts, topped with just the right amount of a sweet cream cheese frosting and chopped walnuts. The perfectly-spiced cake is well-balanced, with frosting that is not overwhelming sweet.



It’s nutty, spicy, sweet, fresh – striking the perfect balance of the four key elements of carrot cake! The moist batter, mixing flour, carrots, nuts and spices without compromising its lightness, is an absolute win! Not to mention the frosting topped with shaved almonds…

Aunt Benny – unfortunately closed in Dec 2019!

The cozy café in Friedrichshain makes a hearty, minimalistic version of a ginger carrot cake. Everything is subtle and light here: the proportion of spices, nuts and sweetness in the lemony icing is enough to get even those who aren’t into desserts hooked!


This one is all about the frosting. The thick dough, with the right measure of spices, carrots and nuts, makes the perfect “bed” for the sugary texture of the icing, beautifully topped with tons of chopped almonds!

Hors concours: Natürlicher Lebensraum

This beautiful Kaffeehaus in Moabit, next to the Arminius Market Hall, serves its carrot cake Swiss-style: they even call it “Rüblitorte”! The tasty treat has all the traditional spices of a carrot cake, with a very thick layer of marshmallowy frosting topped with chopped walnuts and pistachios, emulating the leaves atop a bunch of carrots. The light brown cake maintains a tangy, carroty flavor. It’s not exactly moist, but fluffy enough not to seem dry. Plus they even offer an additional portion of whipped cream for an extra mouthwatering experience!

PS: We would have loved to include the carrot cake from a cafe that used to be one of our favorites in Neukölln, but, sadly, on our last incognito visit, we were mistreated by the owner. This note is to prove our commitment to businesses that offer good products and the right customer service, no matter who I, you or we may be.

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