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Best Berlin Sunset Spots

Berlin is not really known for having the best weather. With only 1,800 sunshine hours per year (just to compare, Lisbon has 2,800 hours/year), cloudy is the default annual weather condition. That’s why we are delighted when the Sun honors us with its presence. When clouds are gone and the sun shines, everybody gets out to enjoy it. Even in the wintertime, helping our bodies produce at least some vitamin D.

It is difficult to imagine something more magical than watching the Sun go down, particularly in the summertime. So let’s look to the West and watch dusk in some of the “Best Berlin Sunset Spots”! And pretend we live in an 80’s tropical landscape postcard!

Tempelhofer Feld

It’s definitely the best place to watch the sunset in Berlin. Nowhere in the city  is the skyline so wide! This former airport delivers it! A true haven for sundown gazers. Seat on one of the benches of the Allmende Kontor Community Gardens, accompanied by a Jules Verne book, and dream about watching the ultra-rare green rays of the setting sun. Legend has it that the one who sees them will find true love!

Best Berlin sunset Spots
Photo licensed from – DH5JM3 People sitting on raised seats on Tempelhof Airfield in the evening sun, Berlin-Tempelhof, Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin, Berlin


Watching the sunlight reflect on the canal waters and bring out a unique orange gradient is something really unique. We especially love to admire it at Thielenbrücke, the bridge that connects Glogauer Strasse to Pannierstrasse. Admiralbrücke and Hobrechtbrücke are also nice spots to watch the sunset along our beloved Landwehrkanal.


Few places in Berlin provide such a panoramic view of some of its most iconic sites. Cross the bridge and look west, you will bet a chance to admire, one beauty after the other. The sculpture Molecule Men, the Oberbaumbrücke and the TV Tower. On the opposite side of the bridge, next to the S-Bahn rail tracks, Else is one of our favorite open air party locations.

best berlin sunset spots
Molecule Man Sculpture-Berlin by Kwanchai_K, on Flickr


Not far from Elsebrücke, this former east Berlin neighborhood is settled in a bank of the Spree river. The sunset here by the Spree riverbanks is stunning. Find a spot at  Regattaufer Park  and watch this spectacle of nature. Gaze at the boats floating, coming and going, and enjoy the scenic views of the Island of Youth on the other side. Your heart will explode!

Viktoria-Luise Platz

This little square that divides Motzstrasse in two sections is one of the hidden gems of the Schöneberg neighborhood. The central water fountain, the beautiful surrounding buildings and mostly the mixed crowd of elegant old ladies, gay crowd, a few tourists and young families make it a super special place to enjoy the sun going down.


The restaurant located at the top floor of the biggest department store in Europe, is not only a nice option for dinner, but also a great spot to observe the sunset and  Berlin from above in general. If you would rather enjoy the sunset while having a drink (or two), check out our selection of the best Berlin rooftop bars.


Cafeteria TU Skyline

Photo @harryberlin’s Instagram Account

On the 20th floor of a high rise building, used nowadays by the Technical University, and a few big companies, you will find a café/restaurant run by the Berlin Student’s Association. This spot is perfect during the wintertime, since it closes very early, around the time the sun sets. A cozy spot to watch the sunset while sipping a cup of ginger tea.


The “Devil’s Hill” next to the former listening spy station tower in Teufelsberg offers stunning views of the Grunewald Forest. Other striking views include the observation tower itself, the Havel river and an amazing perspective of west Berlin, including the Radio and the TV Towers.


Besides being the perfect place to escape the city during the hot summer days, the Wannsee lake gives you that “by-the-sea” feeling. Stunning and magical infinity horizon views. The sailboats floating through the waters of the Havel river compose a very bucolic landscape. For more of our favorite lakes in Berlin, click HERE.

Viktoria Park

Photo from @annaclnn on Instagram

On the western part of Kreuzberg, this park has the highest natural hill in Berlin, from where one can have an exceptional skyline perspective of the city, from atop the Prussian monument. Don’t miss the beautiful waterfall and to explore the Bergmannkiez, with its  stunning architecture and endless food/drink options.

Flakturm Humboldthain

Photo from @rodinvasiliy on Instagram

These former anti-aircraft and air raid towers are located next to the Gesundbrunnen S- and U-Bahn stations. Right at the northern section of the Humboldthain park. The towers were used during World War II and today deliver one the best sunset panoramas of western and northern Berlin. Up there, you will  be rewarded with a clear horizon, perfect to admire all the changing colors of the last sun rays!

The list goes on and on…we will keep adding great sunset spots to this list as we are huge fans of an epic sundowner!

This article was written by Domingos Lepores and edited by Tulio Edreira.



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