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Berlin above 30 degrees: How to stay cool

This current summer has made even the biggest sandal hater start wearing open-toe footwear! It has been exceptionally hot and, besides that sweat trickling down our spine (icks!), all we want is to make the most of it! 

However, when the temperatures skyrocket in Berlin, the heat becomes unbearable, and, unfortunately, just a few places are equipped with air conditioning. To help you beat the heat, we prepared a list of what to do in Berlin when the thermometer shows more than 30 degrees.

Take a dip in the lake:

The most obvious thing to do is to prepare a backpack and head to a lake. Berlin and the surrounding Brandenburg state has many beautiful lakes. They are perfect to refresh our boiling bodies and can also provide a bit of that stay-cay vibe! Wannsee and Müggelsee, on the western and eastern outskirts of the city, are two of our favorite ones. For more options, check our lakes list here. And if you prefer a park experience, check out our guide to the best parks in Berlin.

Wannsee lake

French fries & swimming pool:

Having a little bowl of “Pommes frites” by the pool is a German institution! The fried potato sticks, with mayo sauce or ketchup (or both!) are one of the dearest summer snacks in between dips, besides the berliner classic Curry Wurst.

There are kiosks in every public swimming pool and Tropez (that is also an art gallery) at the Sommerbad Humboldthain has that local vibe that more known pools cannot have enough in more crowded days.

Humboldthain public swimming pool

Glow and cold in a sauna:

For unbelievable as it seems to be, getting into a 90 degrees Finnish sauna for 10 to 15 minutes helps you resist to the hot outdoor temperatures. Rinsing off the sweat under a cold shower brings down the core body temperature, making you feel cool and… clean! Vabali, Liquidrom and the spa at the Hotel de Rome have some of the best saunas in Berlin.

Liquidrom. Photo from Tempodrom’s website

Catch a breeze on a bridge and enjoy an epic sunset:

Crossing a bridge not only gives you a cool breeze, but it is also one of our favorite places to watch the Sun going down. We especially love to admire it along the Landwehrkanal, at Thielenbrücke, the bridge that connects Glogauer Strasse to Pannierstrasse, and at Admiralbrücke. For more ideas on where to watch an unforgettable dusk in Berlin and make your jaws drop, click here.

Sunset from Hobrechtbrücke

Get some fresh air and observe Berlin from above:

Nothing better than climbing up some of the city’s landmarks to get a mild wind on a hot summer day. Plus, you can watch the life, the skyline and the architecture of Berlin from above. Check out our best spots to enjoy Berlin from above here.

Klunkerkranich. Photo by Tulio Edreira

Having a rosé or a cocktail in a rooftop or in a beach bar:

Even though they say alcohol should be avoided in high temperatures, a glass of cool sparkling wine seems to be the perfect company for summer evenings. Whether you like it fancy, hipstery, cheesy or cool, we have an option for you here!

And the holiday vibes get stronger if you decide to relax in one of the beach bars along the Spree river. Strandbar Mitte and Capital Beach are two of our favorites.

Capital Beach. Photo by Tulio Edreira

Grab a cup of iced coffee and a scoop of ice cream:

The torrid weather obliges us to switch from a hot cup of coffee to a glass of iced. A cold brew is also one the most efficient ways to keep us cool. The Barn, Silo Coffee and Populus Coffee serves one of the best in town.

And a summer is not a summer without one (or more!) scoop of ice cream. The frozen dessert is the perfect snack to please our taste buds. Whether you like it vegan, lactose-free or simply ordinary, but invariably mouthwatering, there is always a teasing choice awaiting for you. In our opinion, Hokey Pokey, Jones Ice Cream and Paul Möhring offer the most delicious flavors!

Photo from Jones Ice Cream’s Instagram feed

Watching a movie at an open-air cinema and staring at the stars:

During the summer, we want to spend as much time as possible outside and watching a movie at an open-air cinema (Freiluftkino) is always a good pick for warm evenings. From May until September, you will find a diverse film program in many open-air cinemas spread around the city.

Photo from Freiluftkino Hasenheide’s website

Seeking refuge in the air-conditioned rooms of a museum:

Berlin is said to have more museums than rainy days and cooling off with the museum’s air conditioning seems to be an alternative when all the outdoor options have failed. Paying a visit to one or two of the art centers at the Museum Island will keep you entertained and away from the hell temperatures outside. The museums are located next to each other and it will spare you the walk under the fiery Sun!

Museum Island and Bode Museum

And last, but not least: keep still water at hand to stay hydrated!

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