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Berlin biking and walking route – Kreuzberg to Tiergarten

On “Berlin biking and walking route – Tiergarten” (you can check Part 1/Kreuzberg here) we will explore the Tiergarten section of the Landwehrkanal. We will start from where we finished on the first one. On the corner of Wilhelmstrasse and Hallesches Ufer, next to the U-Bahn station Hallesches Tor.

The first point of interest is HAU – Hebbel am Ufer. A centennial theatre, with three venues around the Kanal. Make a point to come back here after your bike ride or walk. You’ll love it. HAU’s program focuses on hybrid theatrical genres, mixing theater, dance and performing arts. They also have a brainy café/restaurant, perfect for an after-show discussion about the future of the avant-garde scene in Berlin.Biking walking routes Berlin

Make your way to Möckernstrasse. Right before reach it, you will find one of the always ludic works of Sol LeWitt, “Structure”, in front of the Family Courthouse. The sculpture, a white cube formed by integrated squares, is a jungle gym, so don’t be afraid to play on it!

Turn right on Möckernstrasse for another instagramable spot: the event venue Tempodrom, with its circus tent shape. Next to it find Liquidrom, a spa and thermal bath, perfect for a relaxation time during the winter.Berlin biking and walking route – Kreuzberg to Tiergarten

Back to Hallesches Ufer. Just after the Elise-Tilse-Park find The Feuerle Collection, a “Boros Bunker Collection inspired” private museum in a former World War II bunker. It shows the contemporary, Chinese and Southeast Asian art collection of Désiré Feuerle. Pictures are not allowed and to visit it, you need to book your ticket on their website.Berlin biking and walking route – Kreuzberg to Tiergarten

Keep biking or walking along the Landwehrkanal until you hit Linkstrasse. Spot the Potsdamer Platz area to your right. This area will keep you entertained for hours. Explore the area around Tilla-Durieux-Park, and for some inspiration, check out “non obvious” things to do around Potsdamer Platz. The highlight is the Piano See, named after the famous architect Renzo Piano, an artificial lake that gathers rain water.

The “architecture delight path” has just started. Continue biking/walking on Reichpietschufer, and you will see, always on your right side, the building complex called Kulturforum, including the world famous Philharmoniedesigned by the Hans Scharoun.

Make sure to also check out the Berlin State Library – Staatsbibliothek zu Berlinalso conceived by Scharoun, the Gemäldegalerie and the Neue Nationalgalerie, designed by Mies van der Rohe (currently closed for renovations and framed by the typical blue pipes of the Berliner construction works).Berlin biking and walking route – Kreuzberg to Tiergarten

The next breathtaking building is the Shellhaus, between Hitzigallee and Stauffenbergstrasse. It is now used by the Federal Ministry of Defense. The building is a landmark of architectural modernism, with its wave-effect façade and the impressive curved glass. One of the first such constructions in the beginning of the 1930’s, when it was built.

Situated on a large bank of the Kanal, the building of the Bauhaus-Archiv museum, by Walter Gropius, is another architecture gem. The museum assembles the world’s largest “Bauhaus History” collection. As you probably know, Bauhaus is one of the most influencial schools of architecture, design and art of the 20th century.

Berlin biking and walking route – Kreuzberg to Tiergarten
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Crossing Klingelhöferstrasse, continue biking/walking on the left side of Corneliusstrasse, until you reach the south-western portion of Tiergarten. There, you can enjoy one of the loveliest Biergärten in town: the Café am Neuen See. It is also possible to rent out canoes for a ride on Neuer See’s peaceful waters.

On the south-western part of Tiergarten, you can also watch some of the animals of the Zoological Garden through the fences separating it from the park. Also on Tiergartenufer, linking the Untere Freiarchenbrücke to the S-Bahn station Tiergarten, you will find an alley that delineates the Open-Air Gas Lantern Museum. A collection of almost 100 old gas lanterns once used in Germany and other European cities.Berlin biking and walking route – Kreuzberg to Tiergarten

During the weekends, the flea market between Ernst-Reuter-Platz and the S-Bahn station Tiergarten, along the Strasse des 17. Juni, is totally worth a detour. It is one of the oldest and most famous antique markets in Berlin. The prices are a bit high, corresponding to the quality of the merchandise. So keep your hands away from your wallet or you’ll “pay the price”! ; )

The last portion of the Landwehrkanal, between the point where it rejoins the Spree river in Charlottenburg and the Strasse des 17. Juni, is perfect for jogging enthusiasts. There is a very green path along the banks, on Einsteinufer, that makes one feel like being in the countryside!Berlin biking and walking route – Kreuzberg to Tiergarten

On the way back to Hallesches Tor there are still a few attractions, like the Biergarten Schleusenkrug, next to the Zoo, and the Verein Berliner Künstler, a contemporary art gallery on Schöneberger Ufer. If you’re into art, try and pay a visit to the galleries located on Potsdamer Strasse. Blain Southern and Galerie Thomas Fischer are two of the highlights.

To finish the ride, explore Park am Gleisdreieck, a railway traffic junction that was abandoned since the end of the Second World War. It has, however, since 2013 been re-developed as a lively park.  Stop for a beer at BRLO Brewhouse for that most deserved pint!

best beer garden berlin guide
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And finally, if you have a Gyro Gearloose side, the Deutsches Technikmuseum is a must-see. This museum of science and technology showcases a large collection of historical technical artifacts. Also a perfect place to visit with children!

We hope you will enjoy your “Berlin biking and walking route – Tiergarten” as much as we do! As you can see, this route can be easily done multiple times with small stops in various enchanting and interesting places.

Check out the map below for reference. (Click on map to access full route).

*This article has been written by Domingos Lepores and edited by Tulio Edreira.












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