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Berlin From Above – 15 Best Spots

I have an obsession for observing Berlin life. Usually I observe it at street level, however, every once in a while I like to climb up some of the city’s landmarks and watch life, the skyline, the architecture and feel the Berlin breeze from above. I live a fantasy and feel like I am walking in the shoes of one of the characters from the famous Berlin themed movie: Wings of Desire (Der Himmel über Berlin). But unlike the character in the movie, I observe a vibrant, colorful and upbeat city I call home. So I could not wait to share BERLIN FROM ABOVE TOP 14 BEST SPOTS with you.

Pick a clear day, take your camera and enjoy BERLIN FROM ABOVE TOP 15 BEST SPOTS. Maybe we’ll bump into each other as I do go back and visit these places from time to time!


TV TOWER  – 360 degree-view of Berlin from as high as it gets. 368 meters high to be exact. Try to recognize the familiar structures from up there!

BERLINER DOM – Birdseye view of Museum Island and Mitte skyline from Berlin’s beloved Cathedral. It’s just amazing to be so close to the Dom’s amazing sculptures!

KLUNKERKRANICH – Iconic view from a cool rooftop bar. Chill and chill can be…but getting a bit too busy at times.Berlin from Above Top 14 spots

FUNKTURM (RADIO TOWER) – Find out what West Berlin’s skyline, rooftops and streets look like from above.

WELTBALLON – Touristy adventure in the south side of Mitte. From a hot air balloon.

MONKEY BAR/NENI – Drink and Eat with a view. Make sure to face Tiergarten Park and watch the mokeys below.Berlin from Above Top 14 spots

OLYMPIA GLOCKENTURM – Watch how green and peaceful Berlin can be from a tower built for the 1936 Olympic Games.

TEUFELSBERG – Edgy urban exploration and a unique look towards Berlin’s skyline. Get ready for sensorial overload!

SIEGESSÄULE – Get the classic view looking towards Mitte and Brandenburg Gate surrounded by Tiergarten Park.

Berlin from Above Top 14 spots
Photo Credit: Flavio Edreira Photography

ZIONSKIRCH – Prenzlauerberg rooftop watching from a church’s steeple.

FLAK TOWER AT HUMBOLDTHAIN – Discover the Northern Skyline from a World War II Flak Tower.

PRUSSIAN NATIONAL MONUMENT – West Kreuzberg seen from above with the coolest waterfall in town.Berlin from Above Top 14 spots

PANORAMA PUNKT AT POTSDAMER PLATZ – 360 degree-view of Berlin from the “new Mitte”.

PARK INN TERRACE – So close to the TV Tower you can almost hug it. Look East and gaze into the Berlin’s socialist past.

GASOMETER (SCHÖNEBERG) – One can only climb this stunning structure (and get one of Berlin’s best perspectives from above) with guided tours, but it is totally worth it.

Berlin from above
Photo from

For more ideas on how to enjoy Berlin from above (while holding a glass of wine or cocktail), check out the Best Rooftop Bars in the city!

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Régis Giampersa 2017-02-22 at 10:03 PM

Cool! 😉

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Thank you for your comment! ; )

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Don’t forget Solar Bar!

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This is a really good guide!! 🙂

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Thank you!


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