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Berlin Craft Beer Bar Map – Our favorites

You know by now we are huge craft beer fans, right? We do love a biergarten as well, but sometimes the weather does not cooperate.  Not only do we consume vast amounts of beer weekly, we also love to share our favorite Berlin Craft Beer Bars with you. Have all the craft beer bar tips you will ever need at your fingertips while going about town!!

Tip: Find an area with a few craft beer bars and go bar hopping on foot. After a full round, go back to your favorite. If you have a few days to explore, go through the full list and let us know what you thought!

Note: This list only shows our favorite Berlin craft beer bars. By no means it is a comprehensive map with all craft beer bars in town. We thought we’d save you time and recommend you go to the best ones straight away!!

Hover your cursor over the icon and the name of the venue will appear. Click on the icon and the actual image of the Mural will appear. Enjoy “Berlin Craft Beer Map – Our favorites” and share with your friends!!

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On the left hand side you will find:

 * + and – sign – this will cause the map to zoom in (+) or zoom out (-)

* Below the + and – you will find a square icon. If you click on it, that will cause the map to expand to the whole screen.

* Below that square icon, you will find another square icon with a “Round Target” in the center. Clicking on that icon will cause the map to look for your current location (you may be asked to authorise the map to access your geolocation). Once you accept it, a blue icon will appear on the map showing your exact location. This is a great feature as it lets you determine how far or close you are to where you would like to go. It will also 

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