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BRLO Brewhouse Craft Beer Container Complex

BRLO (a loved local craft beer brand) had announced the construction of its first BRLO Brewhouse craft beer container complex last year and I got super excited about the overall concept. They started last summer with a popup biergarten and have now finalized the construction of the main brewhouse. So I paid them a visit this past weekend.Brlo Brewhouse - Craft Beer

BRLO Brewhouse is located right off the Gleisdreieck Subway stop (U2 and U1) between Kreuzberg and Schöneberg. In fact, the whole container complex (yes! it’s a cool container construction) is located inside Gleisdreieck Park, one of the newest and coolest parks in Berlin. This park was built from a wasteland railway area and has won various urban planning awards. It gets super lively in the warmer months! We love  this area and how we have all embraced it. Good job, Berlin city planners!Brlo Brewhouse - Craft Beer

Back to BRLO Brewhouse. As we just said, the design of the space is very cool. Once you walk in, there is a hall filled with communal tables and the main bar area. Look up! They have a very cool lighting scheme hanging from the high ceileings.

The bar area is very pretty and I particularly love the pannels above it announcing the options on tap that day. The atmosphere is quite lively and relaxed. Walk up the stairs to the second floor if you would like a more private beer drinking experience. Don’t miss the cool neon sign: “Save the Planet. It’s the only one with Beer”.BRLO Brewhouse Berlin

The night we were there they had about 20 beer on tap. Some BRLO beers and some guest options (focused on regional beers). You can order at the bar or at the table. My friends and I tried quite a few options and we were very happy with what we got. Hits were: the BRLO German IPA, the Superfreunde Super Ale and the Jenny’s Artisanal Amber Ale. The BRLO Berliner Weisse was also great, for those of us that like it a bit sour. I do!brlo-brewhouse craft-beer

The food menu is surprisingly strong. We ordered so many things that our meal ended up being a bit confusing. So, the next time we go there we decided we would edited our food choices down. As a group we were particularly impressed by the meat cuts (the brisket and the pork belly were insanely good!). The side dishes were also quite good. Order one per person. Unless you are super hungry. Good job with the food, BRLO friends! We need more beer places with great food in Berlin!BRLO Brewhouse Berlin

Service was very attentive and pleasant. If anything, the staff seemed a bit overwhelmed and some of our beer took a whilte to arrive. They just opened the place, though…so it might be a learning curve thing.

They do accept reservations, so if you want to make sure you are seated you might want to contact them beforehand.


Phone: 01517 4374235

ADDRESS: Schöneberger Straße 16, Berlin

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