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“Hidden hangs” Photo Street Art Project

“Hidden hangs” is a photographic street art intervention (@hidden.hangs on Instagram) – aims to create the opportunity for people to take a short break during their busy days, notice and enjoy particular corners and angles of Berlin.

It’s a nudge, a slight provocation. I want people to stop for a minute or two to realize the beauty that surrounds them. My goal is to get people inspired through Berlin’s character.

awesome berlin hangs photo street art project
Photo taken before intervention
awesome berlin hangs photo street art project
During Intervention. Some people stop to notice. Others don’t.

How does it work?

From time to time, I go around town and hang or place picture frames (with my own pictures) that call attention to certain details, views, perspectives of Berlin’s unique and amazing character. My expectation is that some people will stop and enjoy the moment (even if for a few seconds) through my lens. If they feel compelled to take the frame/picture home, they are welcome to. It’s that simple. You noticed it first. You can take it home. And all the pictures so far have been taken home by someone!

Usually, I post an alert on Awesome Berlin’s Instagram Stories to my most loyal followers, but I never explain where exactly the picture is (only visual cues).

I hang the picture and then I “hang out” around the area. Therefore the name “Hidden Hangs”. I love observing the people that notice and stop. Most people don’t. Most people are too set on a path. I hope I can “de-rail” someone’s day a little bit. I really do. And hopefully they will “hang out” with me.

“Hidden Hangs” is completely independent and has no commercial objective.

Who created it and why?

This project is my brainchild. I am Tulio Edreira, Awesome Berlin’s creator and Editor-in-Chief. I conceived it as a means to call attention to the importance of stopping to enjoy small and meaningful moments throughout the day. Every day. A habit-forming exercise that we can all benefit from.

When I worked in the corporate world, the more “successful” I got, the more incapable I felt to defocus from my path and enjoy the little things in life (a home cooked meal, an architectural detail,  a complete song, birds flying by…you get the picture).  This was one of the reasons I  decided to abandon that path and rethink my priorities and how I wanted to live my life from then on. It was also that mindset that inspired the whole Awesome Berlin online platform.

Follow me on Instagram at @hidden.hangs to find out where I am “hanging” next and to follow my awesome journey. I may even start “hanging” on different cities soon!

For Berlin restaurants, museums, sights, bars, parties, festivals and more, follow Awesome Berlin on my various online platforms, including this website.

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