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German Parliament (Reichstag) Visit – insider tips

I know, I know…Visiting the German Parliament Dome (The Reichstag) may not be a secret tip, but it is definitely something you should consider doing if you are visiting or live in Berlin. Not only will you get a great perspective over the city center but you will also get to visit one of the coolest buildings and structures in town.Visiting the German Parliament Dome

But first, some brief background information on the Bundestag…

The GERMAN BUNDESTAG  is a constitutional and legislative body at the federal level in Germany. It is often described as a lower house of parliament along the lines of the US House of Representatives. The Bundestag was established by the German Constitution in 1949 as the Lower House of the German Federal Parliament and thus the historical successor to the earlier Reichstag. Since 1999 it meets in the iconic Reichstag Building in Berlin.

Visiting the German Parliament Dome
Photo Credit: Flavio Edreira Photography

The German Parliament (Reichstag) was completely rennovated by famed British architect Norman Foster in the late 90s. It has since become an obligatory stop for Berlin visitors and residents. The highlight of the visit is certainly the buidling’s dome and terraces. However, it is also worth booking a guided tour through the whole complex. That said, the highlight of your visit will probably be the amazing mirrored Dome.

On to some specific insider tips for visiting the German Parliament Dome:

  • All the German Parliament visits are free. Yay! (Bundestag visit/tour, Reichstag visit/tour, Reichstag Dome visit). Make sure to sign up for the visit you are interested in on the link below.

  • Before visiting the Reichstag one needs to register online and pick a date/time slot. The process is simple and efficient. Just follow this link and instructions. You can also register in person at a booth on the other side of the street from the Reichstag’s entrance (it is likely you won’t find a free slot on the same day, though).
  • Plan way in advance if you are doing the visit during the summer. It gets BUSY! The Reichstag is said to be the most visited Parliament building in the world!!
  • One can choose if they just want to visit the dome/terraces or if they would like a guided tour through the building. We recommend visiting the buildings (both Reichstag and Bundestag) if this is your first time here.
  • If you are into art, there is even a special guided Reichstag tour with focus on the art throughout the building
  • All visits end at the Reichstag Dome area.
  • Make sure to climb up all the way to the top of the dome and chill at the cool sitting structure while gazing at the sky.
  • Visit the dome during the day and at night. Two very different and beautiful experiences
  • Pick a clear day if you can.

Secret Tip: If you book a table at the Käfer Dachgarten Restaurant, you don’t need to go through the website registration process, etc…Just show up and tell them you have a table at Käfer. It is a great shortcut! This tip does not work if you want to visit more than just the Terrace and Dome areas.

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