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Berlin’s best long running shows

Berlin has historically held a very special place in the entertainment world. From the Cabarets of the Weimar Era to current worldclass vibrant nightlife, this city continuously embraces an atonishing number of shows and concerts. Berlin is home to numerous cultural institutions, theaters and clubs. Many enjoy international reputation and represent its diverse heritage. In addition, Berlin continues to attract young people, cultural entrepreneurs and international artists positioning itself as one of the most important entertainment centers in Europe.

It is only fitting that we publish a list of BERLIN’S BEST LONG RUNNING SHOWS. Whether you are visiting the city or call Berlin home, make sure to check out our first list below.



Blue Man Group is undoubtedly Berlin’s most successful long running show. So much so that they have their own exclusive venue at the Stage Bluemax Theater on Potsdamer Platz.  The entire building was adapted to the needs of the Blue Men concept. The Blue Trio has been delighting audiences for 12 years in Berlin but the format and pyrotechnics is constantly being revised to keep it fresh and interesting. Worldwide, the Blue Men have entranced and entertained more than 25 million people, with four million in Germany alone. The show uses plenty of percurssion and delivers a unique experience mixing strong rock concert elements, multimedia and light hearted and amusing banter. In the end one feels like taking part in an amazing  and colorful party. Really hard to resist. Visit the Blue Man Group’s Website for more information.

Picture from Show’s website


The TIPI AM KANZLERAMT turns into a cabaret, hosting the world-famous musical in Berlin under the approaching fascism time. Based on true events and real lives, CABARET portrays the experiences of the English writer Christopher Isherwood, who lived in the Berlin district of Schöneberg from 1929 to 1933. The story is welknown and was immortalized in a 1972 Hollywood production of the same name with Liza Minnelli and directed by Bob Fosse. Food and drinks are served with the show. If you are interested in reliving the glamour of Weimar Era Cabarets, you might want to give it a try. For more information on the show, please check their website.

cabaret das musical
Picture from Show’s website


If you are looking for a fun drag show in Berlin, this is probably a good one to start with. Jurassica Parka is a local celebrity, Youtube sensation and DJane. The show is full of funny bits and has all the elements of a fun night that explores themes like B celebrities and half truths (a.k.a. gossips).  The show travels around Berlin, so locations may vary. For more information on Jurassica’s late night out visit the show’s website here.

Photo from show's Website
Photo from show’s Website
As we said before, there is no shortage of fun shows and musicals in Berlin. If you are interested exploring more options, you might want to check some of the shows below as well.
**This article was graciously sponsored by The Blue Man Group Berlin.







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