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Best Parks in Berlin – Top 10

We are obsessed about Berlin Parks. Visiting and enjoying the BEST PARKS BERLIN is key to understanding how this city works.

You know Berlin is super green, right? We are always surprised when we talk to people that have visited Berlin and have not realised how green this city is. Yes, they can usually name “Tiergarten” (the city’s most famous park). We do think, however, that exploring some of this city’s amazing parks and green spaces will give you amazing insights into the local way of life and its people. So we thought about coming up with the BEST PARKS BERLIN to guide you. Make sure to check the interactive Map below.

We added a brief description of each park and what kinds of activities they are better suited for. Most parks are great for just wandering around, taking pictures and observing local life and nature. However, if you still need to have some work done, but want to do it in a green setting, you can get an easy remote access to your office work via a cloud desktop from CloudDesktopOnline with 24×7 support from Apps4Rent. Let’s discover the best activities for each park!


Tiergarten (Mitte/Tiergarten/Charlottenburg/Schöneberg/Moabit)

tiergarten berlin best parksThe “Central Park” of Berlin, Tiergarten is not only of the most beautiful but also offers great areas for chilling (you can do it naked in some areas), biking, running, canoeing, architecture/sculpture hunting. Our favorite areas are Luiseninsel (a little island inside the park), Café am Neuen See and Englischer Garten/Teehaus for beer drinking and the area around The Victory Column for Architecture and sculpture spotting.


Treptower Park (Alt Treptow)

Berlin's Best ParksTreptower Park is such a complete park. It offers some of the best running and biking options in Central Berlin. The Spree River runs right by it with great boating opportunities. Do not miss the very impressive and gigantic Russian War Memorial.  Run/bike/walk further and explore the woodsy area called “Plänterwald” where you’ll bump into an abandoned amusement park called “Spreepark”.


ViktoriaPark (Kreuzberg)

Berin's Best ParkA local favorite, Victoria Park is located in the very atmospheric Bergmannkiez (the area around Bergmannstrasse) in West Kreuzberg. Climb to the top of the hilly park and get a glimpse of Berlin’s skyline. Make sure to check out the stunning waterfall (perhaps the park’s best feature). Explore the grounds and discover one of our favorite beer gardens located right behind the park (during the warmer months only). You’ll love it.


Volkspark Friedrichshain (Friedrichshain/Prenzlauer Berg)

Berlin's Best ParksThere’s a lot to this park. More than meets the eye. Most people come here to check out a beautiful fountain called “Märchenbrunnen”, full of fairy tale characters right at the southeastern corner of the park. We say, explore further. There are great areas for jogging and biking, including great uphill tracks for more experienced runners. The hills are actually rubble covered bunkers that were destroyed during WWII.  There are also great grassy areas for chilling/sun bathing. Do not miss the swan pond area! In the summer there is a cute area reserved for open air movie sessions.


Görlitzerpark (Kreuzberg)

Berlin Best Parks

Görlitzerpark is actually kinda edgy…so if you are looking for more of a mainstream experience, skip this one. That said, it is one of the liveliest parks in Berlin. The locals do invade this park on the weekends and use every inch of it. Here you’ll see Turkish families grilling, kids playing, friends drinking and the occasional drug use. A great time to visit this park is when it is snowy. It is beautiful and kids (and some adults) take advantage of the slopy area for sledging. Check out some street art while in the area!


Schlosspark Charlottenburg (Charlottenburg)

Berlin's Best ParksThis is no doubt one of the prettiest and most scenic parks in Berlin. It is located immediately behind the Charlottenburg Palace and offers the best views of the palace and grounds, in our opinion. Running/jogging here is a treat and a little further afield there are gorgeous grassy areas for picnics and just chilling/reading a book. Of course, if you are in the area, make sure to visit the Palace.


Volkspark Humboldthain (Gesundbrunnen)

volkspark humboldthain This is a great park for more of a “local” experience. Although it possibly has the best uphill running/jogging trails in central Berlin, most people come here to check out the anti aircraft towers and remaining war bunker walls. And rightfully so, the towers offer beautiful panoramic views of Berlin. Perfect for urban explorers and photography buffs.  Make sure to visit the Rosengarten (rose gardens) on a flatter area of the park. They are beautiful.


Rudolph Wilde Park/Volkspark Wilmersdorf (Schöneberg/Wilmersdorf)

volkspark wilmersdorfThese are actually two contiguous parks. We personally consider them one huge stretch of beautiful green grounds and water. The grounds are somewhat narrower than the previous parks but they are compensated by how long it stretches. In fact, this is a great jogging/running park. We particularly like to observe some of the gorgeous old architecture surrounding the parks. A highlight is the area near Rathaus Schöneberg, with its gorgeous fountains and constructions. This area is also great for chilling. Make sure to visit the Rathaus. It was from here that JKF gave his iconic “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech to the people of West Berlin.


Grunewald (Grunewald/Wannsee)

grunewald’s photo

Well, this area is actually a forrest. Yes, a forrest. We like to think of it as a giant park and in many ways it is. Great for hiking, exploring, biking, lake swimming, sunbathing, running and chilling this forrest is a must visit for nature lovers in the city. Access is super easy and the grounds and trails are well marked. Do not miss the Karlsberg hill. Make sure to climb up the Grunewald Turm (tower) with killer views of the Havel river and Wannsee lake. On the northern edge of the forrest, visit Teufelsberg (“The devil’s hill”, where one can visit an abandoned spying/listening station of the Cold War Era), a must visit for urban explorers and street art lovers. Also impressive is the Jagdschloss Grunewald, Berlin’s oldest remaining palace.


Tempelhof Park (Kreuzberg/Neukölln)

Explore Tempelhof ParkAn old airport turned into park. This park could not be more “Berlin”. Because it used to be an airport, it is now a park with gigantic green areas and not so many trees. It makes for just about the perfect place for wind sports like kite flying, kit surfing or land sailing. The area is also perfect for running and biking (on old airport runways! So cool!). This park is also a favorite among locals. Picnic and grilling designated areas are plentiful. We are particularly obsessed with the urban/community gardens. Make sure to stop by the biggest of them (Stadtteilgarten Schillerkiez) close to the entrance on the Neukölln side, near Oderstrasse.


Even though we feel these are the BEST PARKS BERLIN, we do love many other green areas and parks. Also worth visiting are: Park am Glaisdreieck (Mitte/Schöneberg), Volkspark Hasenheide (Kreuzberg), Volkspark Rehberg (Wedding), Fritz-Schloss-Park (Moabit). 
Other super cool areas to chill and explore that are not necessarily “proper parks”, but are absolutely worth a visit are: Area around the Wasserturm (Prenzlauerberg) and Mauerpark (Prenzlauerberg/Pankow), Körnerpark (Neukölln). 
If you are looking for proper manicured gardens and an increadible biodiversity, make sure to visit BERLIN’S BEST GARDENS, including the Botanical Gardens, Britzer Gardens and Gärten der Welt. All of them could actually be considered parks, as they cover huge areas.
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Barbes 2017-07-06 at 11:38 PM

Your writers must have never been out to wedding. I can say with confidence that Volkspark Rehberge deserves to be on this list. The park isn’t swamped by tourists and is massive. It’s distinct feature includes a small lake where you can go for a dip. Did I mention an animal sanctuary of boars, goats and selection antelopes? Last but least, there’s an open air movie theater. In winter, the snowy hills turn into perfect sleighing slopes.

AwesomeBerlin 2017-07-07 at 5:21 PM

Hi Barbes, of course we’ve been to Wedding and yes, we enjoy Rehberge as well. It didn’t make the list this last time, but may very well make the next. Thank you for your feedback and opinion. Cheers!

Hempextract 2018-02-15 at 8:03 PM

Beautiful parks just amazing nice post very interesting i really like it thanks for share.

AwesomeBerlin 2018-02-19 at 12:15 PM

You are welcome!


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