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OPEN WALLS GALLERY has moved from Stattbad to Schröderstrasse 11 in Mitte.


We first came across Open Walls Gallery in a street art fair in Berlin. We were in love with their line up of street and contemporary artists right away and decided to visit the space. And what a space! This über cool art gallery is located inside the Stattbad Wedding complex (a swimming pool complex built in 1907 turned into art space, bar and nightclub).

open walls gallery

From the outside of the building you can already start getting acquainted with some of the curated artists. We love the mural from Paola Delfïn. But you can decide for yourself what you like best. Make sure you cross the street and look at the building from there. It will give you a better vantage point to enjoy the murals.

open walls gallery

Open Walls represents a line up of super talented artists like BLO, Alias (our favorite), Anton Unai and Paola Delfín, among others. Their exhibits and events are quite dynamic so make sure to check their website to find out what is going on. Although there is really no harm in just showing up (as long as they’re open!).

Some of the artists studios are also inside, so ask if you can visit them! They also have a beautiful space called Frame Works Berlin dedicated to building…you guessed it….frames!

open walls gallery

We think the best time to visit is right before it gets dark so you can enjoy the murals outside and by the time you get into the building it has already started transforming itself into this temple of cool nightlife. If you are lucky you will catch the swimming pool area open. Do not be shy and explore are much as you can. That includes walking into the huge empty swimming pool (also used sometimes for art exhibits)!

open walls gallery

What we like to do at Open Walls Gallery: Pop up during opening of exhibitions! Check out our AGENDA



Address: Schröderstrasse 11 Berlin



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