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Subway Cabrio Tour

We were super excited about this tour when we first heard about it. Then we found out it only happened during a certain time of the year. AND it sells out faster than a Madonna concert. Yes, it is kind of hard to take part in this subway cabrio tour. We had to wait almost a year to be able to do it. But if you follow some of our tips, you may be able to do it with no problem. It does require some planning, though. So read on. : )

First a short description of the subway cabrio tour: Imagine exploring the Berlin subway system (well part of it as it is huge!) in a cabrio style wagon…that’s right, without a roof. Being able to experience the underground life and history of this very iconic system. The tour is guided (in German only – as of this past year) but don’t feel discouraged.Subway Cabrio Tour

You can read about the subway system beforehand so you know which stations you should pay more attention to. There are quite a few websites that explore various aspects of the subway stations history. For example, which ones were closed during the Cold War or through which ones were people able to escape East Berlin from, etc. Check the following article, for example. It is super cool!

Why not combine the cabrio tour with an earlier trip to the U-Bahn-Museum? Check their website below: .Subway Cabrio Tour

The subway cabrio tour usually leaves from Alexanderplatz station quite late at night (so as not to disrupt the normal train traffic). It may leave from other stations, depending on construction work. We love that it leaves that late (around 10:45 PM but you must get there at least half an hour in advance). It just makes the adventure even more interesting and somewhat spooky.

We were personally impressed with the vantage point you get when you ride the cabrio wagons super close to the walls, the platforms and tunnels. It is super fun to take the time to admire some of the cool station designs and architecture.Subway Cabrio Tour

The organizers are super cautious and will provide helmets to everyone. And everyone has to remain seated during the ride. They will stop a couple of times during the tour so you will be able to take standing pictures and also stretch. The tour will last for about 2 hours and there is a 15 minute Toilette pause.

Important tips for the subway cabrio tour:

Here is the website that gives specific information on the tour

– You can sign up their newsletter to get information on your e-mail about the sale of tickets.

– Tickets go on sale online in mid February. Keep checking back on their website and get ready for when the Sale day. Beware, they do sell out fast.

– The tours happen from April to October only, so plan accordingly. Apparently, this year, because of construction work, tours will not run from July 14th to September 1st.

ENJOY! We think this is a super cool and unusual tour to take part in.

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