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Street Art Berlin Guide – Best 13 Murals

Street Art Berlin Guide by Awesome Berlin highlights the top and essential must-see-murals in the city. Read on to discover STREET ART BERLIN GUIDE  BEST 13 MURALS.

Deciding what to see in Berlin is always hard. So much to see and explore. AND if you are into Street Art, that task can become a nightmare. So we decided to come up with a short list of the murals we love the most to help you out. Mind you, there is so much street art in this city that you could spend months exploring. One could say that Berlin is a Street Art Museum-City. Enjoy!

Our favourite graffiti-rich street art exploration areas are: Revaler 99/Urban Spree area, Streets of Kreuzberg, Teufelsberg (Abandoned Spying Station), along Dircksenstrasse in Mitte, Lake Tegel Art ParkFactory 23 in Wedding and surrounding areas, Kunsthaus Tacheles, East Side Gallery, around Moritzplatz and Urban Nation. If you happen to be around for more than a few days, we recommend you take the time to aimlessly walk around these areas. They have a high concentration of street art. You will not be disappointed. Otherwise focus on the most important murals!

These are our favourite murals with their location and a short guide on how to find them. Explore them as you wish. Make sure you check the detailed map guide below!

“Elephant playing with a baloon from Jadore Tong aka S.Y.R.U.S”

Hands down my favorite new mural in town. Make sure to get close. The colors just explode! Beautiful.

Where: Wilhelmstrasse 7, Kreuzberg. Once you get to number 7, walk around the apartment complex. It’s in the back. The mural can also be seen from Friedrichstrasse (South of subway Station Kochstrasse – U6 line). Street Art Guide Top Berlin Street Art Murals



“Collin Vandersluijs and Mr. Super A Mural”

The level of detail on this mural is insane! Make sure to take notice of the shadow work as well. Gorgeous!

Where: Neheimar Strasse 6. Take the subway (U6)  to Borsigwerke Station. Walk about 15 minutes towards Tegel Lake (one of our favorite lakes in Berlin, by the way). Find the Mural on the building side, you can’t miss it if you check the map below. There are quite a few other murals around this area on the sides of the buildings.  Make sure to explore them as well as Tegel Lake afterwards. Find more details on how to explore this area HERE.muralcollin


*Case McClaim’s Mural*

Where: Heinrich Heine Strasse. Take the subway (U8) to Heinrich Heine Strasse. As you get off the subway on Heinrich Heine Strasse look left. It is right there!

Street Art Guide Berlin Top 11 Case McClaim


*Urban Spree Curated Wall Mural*

This Mural changes with a certain frequency, but it is always curated to top Street Artists. We were most recently in love with the “A day on the beach” Mural by Vidam & Look that went up in late 2014. Check out their website to find out the current curated wall.

Where: Warschauerstrasse/Revaler Strasse. Take the subway (U1) to Warschauerstrasse. Hope off and walk on Warschauerstrasse towards Revaler Strasse. Soon you will see abandoned warehouses on the right. Walk in there!

Street Art Guide Berlin Top 11 Vidam & Look
Image from artists Page


*The Cosmonaut by Victor Ash*

A Classic Street Art Mural. You can even see it while riding the U1 Subway Line.

Where: Mariannenstrasse. Take the subway (U1) to Kottbusser Tor. Walk to Mariannenstrasse (about 5 minutes) and you will see it right away!Street Art Guide Berlin Top 11 Victor Ash


*Marble Giant Mural by BLO*

The Walls around Stadtbad Wedding are curated to artists represented by the Open Walls Gallery.**Openwalls gallery has recently left this area and the building was unfortunately demolished! Stay tuned for more street art tips in the coming months.

Where: Gerichtstraße 65, 13347 Berlin. Take the subway (U6 or S Ring) to Wedding Station and walk about 10 minutes to Gerichstrasse. Once you see the old Swimming Pool complex building, walk around it. The BLO mural is on the side of the structure.Street Art Guide Berlin Top 11 Blo


*Urban Nation Collage Street Art Mural by Handiedan*This mural was recently painted over and Urban Nation took over the neighboring buildings with other great murals. This building is now an exciting  Street Art Museum – Urban Nation Contemporary Urban Art

Where: Bülowstrasse. Take the subway (U1 to Nollendorfplatz) and walk along Bülowstrasse towards Büllowstrasse Station (in fact, walk past it!). Our favourite murals are on the corner of Büllowstrasse and Zietenstrasse. This is an amazing project and gallery. Quite a few murals to see. They are curated to top street artists and change with a certain frequency. Street Art Guide Berlin Top 11 Handiedan

*Os Gêmeos Mural. A must-see in any Street Art guide.*

Where: Schlesisches Tor/Oppelner Strasse. You can’t miss it. Walk out Schlesisches Tor U-Bahn Station (U1), take Oppelner strasse and walk a block. You’re right there!Street Art Guide Berlin Top 11 Os Gemeos


*”My God, help me survive this deadly love” or more commonly known as “Fraternal Kiss” along East Side Gallery by Dmitri Vrubel.*

Where: Mühlenstraße. Take the subway to either Ostbahnhof (S Bahn) or Warschauerstrasse. Walk along Mühlenstrasse. You can’t miss it. The mural is around the middle of the East Side Gallery wall. Usually lots of tourists take pictures here…so be patient.Street Art Guide Berlin Top 11 Dmitri Vrubel


*JR Mural*

Where: Prenzlauer Allee. This Mural is somewhat hidden and we love it. Walk from Alexanderplatz and as you get to Prenzlauer Allee walk by the Soho House and the McFit Gym. As you walk past these buildings, look back towards Alexanderplatz. You will have a nice surprise!Street Art Guide Berlin Top 11 JR Artist


*Backjump Mural by Blu – Classic Street Art by Blu. We call it “Men Eater”.*

Where: Take the subway (U1 or S-Bahn (5 or 7)) to Warschauer Strasse and walk towards  Oberbaumbrücke (one of our favourite bridges in Berlin). Once you have walked through the Bridge look left. It is just off the bridge!Street Art Guide Berlin Top 11 Murals Blu


*Agostino Iacurci’s Mural*

Where: Take the subway to Moritzplatz and walk along Prinzenstrasse towards the Landwehrkanal. The mural is very close to Moritzplatz. Find it behind Prinzessinengärten. Get inside the parking lot for the best views.

street art berlin

*Various & Gould mural as part of their “Face Time”series*

Where: Take the subway to Moritzplatz and walk along Heinrich Heine Strasse towards the mural.

street art berlin

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ju 2017-04-17 at 6:05 PM


I did a booklet about street art and graffiti in berlin Fhain, Xberg and Mitte from 2005 to 2015. Here you can find more infos:

AwesomeBerlin 2017-04-18 at 4:42 PM

Thanks! Will check it out!

Berlin Poster 2018-01-05 at 9:34 AM

I got a suggestion at google maps approved for the great “make art not war” mural which I’ve found at Mehringplatz:

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