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Berlin’s beautiful gardens – Top 3

Beyond an amazing number of green spaces and parks, Berlin also offers its inhabitants and visitors absolutely gorgeous and immaculate giant gardens. “BERLIN’S BEAUTIFUL GARDENS” only lists gardens that stand on their own as a half day (at least) exploration opportunity.

Smaller and beautiful gardens can be found inside Berlin’s countless parks and squares. If you are looking for significant flora and atmosphere diversity within one space, these awesome spaces (listed below) will not disappoint.

All gardens have a small entrance fee. They also provide restaurants and facilities so that one can spend as much time inside. Most important piece of advice: take your time and take nature in. It is AWESOME!



Picture Credit: Brad Sowter

Berlin’s Botanical Gardens rank among the 3 most important such gardens in the world. Beyond the giant old school green houses (15 of them – which are worth the visit on their own), one can stroll in the woods and meadows. In a matter of minutes one can explore vegetation from the Alps, the Far East, Tropical Rainforest to the Caucasus.  The Gardens are divided in 3 main areas: 1) A park like arboretum; 2) the exhibition area showcasing plants from around the world in their geo-graphical context; 3) Plant collection with thousands of plant types. There is a 3.000-meter garden created to allow smelling and touching of various types of plants for visually impaired and guests on wheelchairs.  How awesome is that?! Don’t miss the Cacti greenhouse. It is amazing!

If time allows, make sure to explore the beautiful neighbourhood of Dahlem that surrounds this world class oasis.

Address: Königin-Luise-Straße 6-8

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BERLIN'S BEAUTIFUL GARDENSCreated for an horticultural show in 1985, Britzer Garden nowadays boasts some of the most impressive and immaculate gardens in Berlin. It has over 90 hectares  (It’s HUGE) and can easily be a whole day venture. They have been voted one Germany’s ten most beautiful gardens. One of the highlights in the yearly blooming of the tulips around April/May timeframe. The start of the season is marked by the opening of the spring trail. Imagine a 2KM route lined with blooming daffodils, crocuses, tulips, among others. Between June and September, the Rose Garden is one of the main attractions. Stroll through the incredible garden designs and meadows with gorgeous water features, lakes and ponds. In late summer, make sure to visit the Dahlia Show, featuring over 10,000 dahlias in 200 varieties. Classical concerts and festivals take place here throughout the year. Our tip, though, go during the week and enjoy the gardens without much fuss.

Address: Buckower Damm Berlin

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BERLIN'S BEAUTIFUL GARDENSMarzahn is a neighborhood deep in East Berlin and is mostly known for its Socialist architecture. Well, there is a slice of paradise here, too. Gärten der Welt is just that, it showcases different gardens from different parts of the world. Currently it has 9 exotic gardens that were immaculately designed by architects and artisans from the respective countries using original materials and plants. They are in expansion phase and are building new gardens. The original 9 gardens are plenty, though. The theme goes around the world with Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Balinese, Arab, French, Italian gardens, among others. Here, the garden design, nature itself and architecture combine to provide the visitor with some pretty special perspectives and moments. Don’t miss the annual Cherry tree blossoms. It is simply glorious! Like the other gardens mentioned above, there are quite a few festivals held throughout the year. Check their website for more information. This is a place that can get quite busy during the weekends, so our advice is to visit during the week, if you can.

Address: Eisenacher Street 99, Berlin

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