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Abandoned Berlin – Beelitz Hospital Complex

Obsessed! That’s the best word to define how we feel about this place. Since we moved here we hear people talking about the abandoned Beelitz Hospital Complex (Beelitzer Heilstätten) in the outskirts of Berlin. And although we always wanted to go, it took us a while to make it. And I wish we had been here before. Not only is this places one of the coolest abandoned locations one can ever imagine, but it is also surrounded by some of the prettiest country side. It is so cool that many terror movies and series (some from Hollywood even) are filmed here. The treatment complex (with more than 60 buildings!!) was built in the late 19th century to help rehabilitate the growing number of tuberculosis patients in the city.

Abandoned Beelitz Sanatorium

You simply must include a day trip here if you are in Berlin. It’s THAT amazing! To get here take the regional train RE07 towards Dessau Hauptbahnhof and you’ll be at the Sanatorium complex in 1 hour. It is a 45 minute car drive from central Berlin, if you’d like to drive. Plan a full day of activities. There are a couple of hotels around the Sanatorium/Hospital if you’d like to spend a weekend. There is a lot to see.Abandoned Beelitz Sanatorium

Start the day with a walk above the trees and above some of the buildings that comprise the Sanatorium. There is a new “Baumkronenpfad”(a walkway above the tree tops) that makes for a super cool experience. From above one can observe how the trees grew over the buildings and catch amazing views. On clear days one can spot the Berlin TV Tower some 50Km away.Abandoned Beelitz Sanatorium

Abandoned Beelitz Sanatorium

When you get your tickets for the Baumkronenpfad (about 10 euros) make sure to check what group tours (about 10 euros also) are available to enter some of the Sanatorium buildings. This will be the highlight of your trip, for sure. Normally they have a few groups a day for a couple of buildings. If this is your first time, choose the Surgery Ward. If you like photography, make sure to book the group during the time you believe you can get the best light. We normally prefer the last group before sunset. If you are not into listening to tour guides, don’t worry…you can just get in with the guide and then wonder around on your own. That’s what we do!!bee6

Make sure to come here on a sunny day to get the best experience. Or not…if you would like to get more of a haunted feel. This place is so special that one could come here at any time of the year. We’ll come back…many times over!Abandoned Beelitz Sanatorium

Enjoy some of the pictures we took at the Surgery Ward the last time we were there!

Abandoned Beelitz Sanatorium

Abandoned Beelitz Sanatorium

Abandoned Beelitz Sanatorium

Abandoned Beelitz Sanatorium

Abandoned Beelitz Sanatorium

Beelitz Sanatorium (Beelitz Heilstätten)’s website

Baumkronnenpfad Website


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Domingos Lepores


Domingos Lepores

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Emre 2018-05-22 at 11:40 AM

Looks amazing! I have joined a similar abandoned Berlin tour which was private and hosted by a local of Berlin. I took a lot of cool pics like the ones you posted here 🙂 Abandoned places are always amazing and exciting to discover!
This is the tour I joined (


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