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Paul Möhring – Next level soft serve ice cream

We have always been fans of soft serve ice cream.  “Soft serve” is a type of ice cream that is softer than regular ice creams as a result of air being introduced during freezing. It has been sold commercially since the late 1930s. This peculiar type of ice cream is also part of life in Berlin and many East German cities. A concept that had not been updated for the longest time.

Until recently, the vast majority of soft serve ice cream shops served generic, artificially flavored (at times made with powder) concoctions. And that has, unfortunately, tarnished the reputation of this potentially delicious ice cream form.

Paul Mohring soft serve ice cream berlin
Photo from Paul Möhring’s Website

Paul Möhring soft serve ice cream to the rescue! Well, we are very happy to say that we found a place that has taken the soft serve ice cream concept to heart. They are serving an exciting combination of unusual flavors and fun toppings. Let’s call it “the next level soft serve ice cream”.

soft serve ice cream berlin
Photo from Paul Möhring’s Website

Find Paul Möhring around the busy Hackeschermarkt area, along Oranienburger Strasse (See map below). The charming ice cream shop has the potential to finally change the soft serve ice cream game in Berlin and Germany (why not?). You can feel the love here. From the shop itself (cool design, great service) to the insanely fun and delicious flavors they serve. The soft ice cream “ooses” premium ingredients like Grand Cru Valrhona chocolate and fresh whole vanilla beans.

Photo from Paul Möhring's Website
Photo from Paul Möhring’s Website3

There are a couple of traditional options as well, if you prefer to stick to your favorite flavors. And while we do love a great vanilla soft serve, we did get super excited about some of their specials.

Take, for example, their “Holy Shit” –  chocolate ice cream with pretzel stick crush, szechuan pepper and Valrhona chocolate sauce. Or “Campfire” – vanilla or chocolate ice cream with burnt Marshmallows, cookie dust and Valrhona chocolate sauce. Another crazy fun “seasonal flavor” is the  “Gin Tonic cucumber with mexican Chamoy” (lime, chilli, salt).

I mean….their concept of mixing tradition with madness totally shines through! Fun toppings include wasabi pea dust, salted peanuts, Bourbon walnuts, Balsamico raspberries, hot sauce, among others. We must come back to try and create our own flavor/topping combinations soon!

And they also serve great coffee drinks (beautifully executed) from Bonanza Coffee Roasters. In the cutest cups!

Paul Möhring’s Website

Address: Oranienburger Straße 84 Berlin, Germany

Phone: 0170 3417618

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