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Abandoned Berlin – street art spy station

There’s no shortage of things to do in Berlin, true. But sometimes it’s nice to get out of the city. If you’re feeling particularly energetic and fancy a bit of “nature with an edge”, then you should definitely make the trip to Teufelsberg, the abandoned Berlin street art spy station. Not only will you get to experience a bit of

Beranger Secret Concert – Abandoned DDR Studios

EVENT SOLD OUT!!! Dear Friends, on Sunday 20th of Nov. you’re invited to join Todd and I as we make a filmed live studio recording session of 3 songs at the Funkhaus Berlin Studios with a Concert Grand Steinway piano, a massive drumset, a very talented cellist and an incredible producer/ sound engineer / filming crew. It’s FREE

Abandoned Berlin – Beelitz Hospital Complex

Obsessed! That’s the best word to define how we feel about this place. Since we moved here we hear people talking about the abandoned Beelitz Hospital Complex (Beelitzer Heilstätten) in the outskirts of Berlin. And although we always wanted to go, it took us a while to make it. And I wish we had been here before. Not only is this places

Dimitri Hegemann, techno and the clubbing scene in Berlin

We dare say that Berlin and techno were made for each other. The many abandoned buildings left to rot after the fall of the Berlin Wall served as the perfect “raw material” for unique club venues where techno was the music to dance to. That’s why we were thrilled when our partner Telekom Electronic Beats invited us to collaborate, giving you

Clärchens Ballhaus – a lively Berlin Mitte institution

A true survivor. Few places in Berlin have endured so many historical events during the 20th century as Clärchens Ballhaus: two World Wars, the division of the city, the fall of the Wall and the following gentrification of Mitte (neighborhood). This Berliner institution, currently a dance hall/restaurant/biergarten combo, is certainly a must-go

Workshop: VGA & Sound Blender by W. Spahn

SOUND BLENDER – MANIPULATING THE (VGA) MONITOR SIGNAL By Wolfgang Spahn Level: basic Costs: 180€ – materials incl. (14h / 2days) Max number of participants: 12 people Min number of participants: 6 people Contact: [email protected] Sign-up through this form:
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