At Awesome Berlin we strive to provide our community with tips that we truly value ourselves. To that end, we have established a Code or Conduct (Rules of Engagement & Ethics) to guide ourselves in establishing meaningful, fruitful and trustworthy relationships. Our community is and will always be at the center of all our efforts.

  • Go ahead, invite us! We might come and enjoy the experience!
  • We do accept invitations for Press Events/Previews. As long as we are curious about what you have to tell us about. We will only come if there are absolutely no strings attached to the invitation.
  • We do NOT accept free meals, tickets, guest lists, etc. in exchange of a writeup, post, shout out, etc. Unless there is an express agreement in writing between the parties that Awesome Berlin has total freedom in deciding whether to write or not about the place. We ONLY write about places we truly like.
  •  It is our objective to provide our community with the closest possible experience they would have when visiting recommended establishments on their own. We never expect special or VIP treatment. In fact, we expect to be treated as any other customer.
  • If you are a small business/brand and would like us to feature you, please write to us and we will add you to our list of places to visit. We will visit you annonimously and if we like what you have to offer, we will be happy to recommend your business to our community. At no cost.
  • We will only visit places and explore recommendation opportunities that have a strong level of interest from our commnity. More on our community, HERE.
  • If you have a promotional budget and would like to develop a campaign with us, we will welcome the opportunity to work with you. However, we will only collaborate if we have, first of all, paid you a visit and liked what you have to offer. Be it a party, a restaurant, an event, an exhibition, an attraction, a museum, etc.
  • If you are part of a medium/big business or brand, have a promotional budget and would like to promote it , we also welcome that opportunity. However, some conditions apply:
    • You are an ethical and socially responsible brand/business
    • We like what you have to offer and believe our community will like it too
  • Once we have developed a long lasting relationship and have already recommended you, then and only then, will we consider accepting any gift, benefit, freebie, etc.
  • We will not use our community’s name to obtain favors, including reservations, choice tables, etc.


Please write us at We would love to hear from you.