The pop up concept has, for a while, completely taken over Berlin. We absolutely love it. The Pop Up concept comes from the US and was initially confined to retail spaces, but it is no longer the case. There is pop up everything, really. Restaurants, stores, exhibitions, etc. “A pop-up space is a venue that is temporary: the space could be a


Berlin foodies and meat lovers, THE PIT Pop up Texas Barbecue is a sensational new addition to Berlin’s maturing American Barbecue culture.  According to Adam, the owner of the pop up restaurant and a Dallas native, he only uses very special meat pieces/cuts,  salt, pepper and smoke. And let us tell you. The result is to die for. The moist


Determining MORE MUST-SEE MUSEUMS in Berlin is no easy task. This city has so many great ones. Some say Berlin has about 200 museums and most of them are super interesting. That puts Berlin up there among the cities with an incredible museum line up. This post covers our absolute favourite Museums that are often overlooked or less visited. On

Authentic Chinese – DA JIA LE

Authentic Chinese in Berlin? Yes. There are. Actually quite a few. The issue is: no matter how authentic they are, they still have to cater to the local taste. Therefore you will always find a somewhat mixed menu. A mix of authentic and “westernised” dishes. But that true for pretty much every country outside of China. Da Jia Le is

La Cocotte French Bistro

What a wonderful surprise this place was! A friend of ours had talked about it and how delicious this place was… but we never took him seriously. Until the night he invited us for dinner at La Cocotte. This restaurant is located in a very cute part of Schöneberg close to Akazienstrasse (maybe the cutest strip in the neighbourhood).

Korean Food – IXTHYS

There are very few places that can offer a similar experience as IXTHYS. This tiny (only seats 16) restaurant is located in a quiet street in Schöneberg (normally considered the original gay neighborhood in Berlin). It is truly a hole in the wall korean kind of place. IXTHYS is run by two korean ladies that seem to have come out of a
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