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Best Street Art – Berlin Wedding

Wedding is a centrally located “up-and-coming” neighborhood just north of Mitte. It has long been regarded as one of the neighborhoods to watch. The reality is that it is taking a lot longer to “re-develop”. And we are kind of happy about it. It means that many of our favorite street art spots around here are still going strong (with a few notable exceptions, e.g. Stattbad Wedding just got demolished in 2016).berlin wedding

We love this area so much that we decided to curate a special Street Art itinerary with our favorite spots to help guide you. Enjoy the “Best Street Art Berlin Wedding”. And don’t forget to check out the interactive map in the end.

Start by picking a beautiful day (no matter what time of the year). Hop on the U6 subway line to Wedding Station. As soon as you walk out of the station (on the southern part of the platform), you will find a gas station to your right, on Lynarstrasse. Behind the gas station, you will find the first mural: “Tree Children”, by Victor Ash. The artist is well-known for another Berlin mural: The street art berlin wedding

From there, make your way to Gerichstrasse 23. Walk into the industrial courtyards. Explore them all. The complex is known as Fabrik 23 and houses studios, offices, bars, gyms, etc… It all looks very “Mad Max”. We love it! You will find several street art interventions using different materials and spray paints, such as Molotow. Graffiti, murals, stencils, paste-ups, stickers, sculptures, you name it. You will find it all here!best street art berlin wedding

Just explore on your own terms. We usually make a pit stop at the backyard of Panke (bar/club) to relax a bit before continuing the street art exploration. Tip: Come back here late at night to enjoy some of the parties at Panke Bar or Anita Berberbest street art berlin wedding

After a short break, walk out of the complex through the back (where the Panke River is located) and explore the area from the outside, along the water. You are surrounded by street art. From the banks of the river to the exterior walls of the old buildings. Artists like Ken Plotbot, SP38, Oré, WD, ROA, Oxalien, Billy, among many others roam around here and constantly add new artworks from time to street art berlin wedding

Perhaps the highlights of this stretch and the biggest murals around here are: 1) The collaboration between Oré and WD for ABC Project Athen Berlin Caen and 2) The amazing collaboration between Hannes Höhlig and KOBE (with a ROA bunny in the bottom part).best street art berlin weddingbest street art berlin wedding

Wait, the walk is still not over yet. Walk north, towards Turiner Strasse 19 and check out “Woman”, a painting by American urban artist duo “JBAK”. Come here during the winter to see the whole wall through the cemetery tree branches, or during the summer, when you will only be able to see the mural from the “nose up” as vegetation covers it partially. Get into the cemetery for a closer street art berlin wedding

From here, walk to Utrechter Strasse 3, where you will find the colorful 6-storey high wall by PAOD and Hannes Höhlig. Walk towards the back of the courtyard to take a closer look. The details and characters are awesome! Tip: Use the entrance to the fitness studio at Müllerstrasse to get to the street art berlin wedding

Our itinerary ends at Genter Strasse 61. Walk into the parking lot and gaze at “Mental Vaporz” by BLO. This wall is composed of various sketches by the artist put together in one visual trip. Take in the details. best street art berlin wedding

For more best street art in Berlin, also read “Best street art murals in Berlin”“Dircksenstrasse Street Art Walk” or “Tegel Street Art Park”.

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