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Berlin Street Art Museum – Urban Nation Contemporary Urban Art

Streeet Art and Urban Art fans, rejoice! The most anticipated Berlin museum of the past few years is here! As you know by now we are huge street/urban art fans and have followed the phenomenal development of the Urban Nation project. From a gallery space, to taking over the neighborhood in Schöneberg and the street art world by storm! Since 2013,

Best Street Art – Berlin Wedding

Wedding is a centrally located “up-and-coming” neighborhood just north of Mitte. It has long been regarded as one of the neighborhoods to watch. The reality is that it is taking a lot longer to “re-develop”. And we are kind of happy about it. It means that many of our favorite street art spots around here are still going

Watch as air pollution turns into street art!

Air-ink is the world’s first ink made entirely out of air pollution. Come experience some of Germany’s cutting-edge street artists and explore the uncaged creativity of bringing talented people and innovation together. A cool video about the initiative: Check out the Map below with locations and street art

Amazing Street Art walk around a stunning lake

By now you know that I love discovering street art and recommending my favorite spots to you. I have been coming to Lake Tegel to enjoy some street art murals for about a year now. And now I feel comfortable sharing this tip with you. Get ready for one of my favorites street art mural walks in Berlin. And it is totally off the beaten path. This

“Awesome Berlin Hangs” Photo Street Art Project

The “Awesome Berlin Hangs” Project – a photographic street art intervention (@awesomeberlin_hangs on Instagram) – aims to create the opportunity for people to take a short break during their busy days, notice and enjoy particular corners and angles of Berlin. It’s a nudge, a slight provocation. “I want people to

Vernissage: Street Art / Inventory

With seven artists from the gallery’s program, Street Art / Inventory opens the season at OPEN WALLS Gallery. Levalet, ALIAS, Madame, SP38, Vermibus, Jordan Seiler and Thomas von Wittich all come from different backgrounds and have different expressions, but what they have in common is the devotion to urban interventions, as well as unique
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